Old Tropes New Ideas


Old Tropes New Ideas

Art by Zancan.

So this past week, I’ve been working on one of the new franchises I’ve been developing that yes again being, Land in the Stars. The race in question being called the Gwagaruh, or the Guagaeru (in Elder Tongue). A race I’ve been working on for the etter part of three weeks which has over time proven one of the more difficult fictional things I have ever attempted. The issue here is using a series of old tropes often seen in Sci-fi: the alien monster, vampires, assmiliation; and putting a new twist on it. The twist here being a few core ideas central to what LiTS is.


There are no Ethereal Monsters

All monsters found within the Land in the Stars are purely biological. Some may be energy beings, but there is not extra dimensional demon creature that can possess people. At one point I almost had technological god-beings, but then I made a turnabout and decided to do something completely different. That being keeping to the idea that although this universe has some very soft scientific prospects, it will not have a supernatural element outside of the rules already established.

Rule 1: All extra non-Faeru (the primary race I’ll explain them eventualy) descend, or derive from the Faeru some how. For the Gwagaruh this was through mutation and assimilation.

Rule 2: Demonic entities without actually being typical demons. 

Rule 3: There needs to be a sense of old supernatural monsters. But with a new take.

I attacked the Gwagaruh over time, and eventually finished up their history. Creating a species much like vampires, or the Illuminati had come to control vast swathes of space through indirect means. The point here however is much like the Vampires in the Masquerade the various groups, Clans, and Kindreds do not get along. Each has a definite uniqueness to their biology, which along with their lack of agreement drove the current status of the race overall.


Monsters of Two-Skins

Most of my interested with the Gwagaruh was to not simply invent another vampiric race to run around sucking blood. This was also not simply going to be a rehashing of the Wraith from Stargate Atlanis. NO, I wanted to create a species that while having several traits from other genres, was something -unique- to Land in the Stars. Please note, I realize that no matter how hard I try to make them “original” they will have some sort of cliche to them. For this very reason I spent months ah ead of time researching tropes, and stories in general

The main inspirations for the Gwagaruh come from the Red Court vampires in the Dresdan Files, the Wraith, and a few others. The Gwargs (as we call them) have two biological skins. An “Outer” skin which appears like a normal mortal, or “Faerin” individual (think human), and an inner skin which can appear more demonic. This covers a twofold feeling racially. One, this race can exist within the evil or vampiric use to be a human monstrosity of the “undead” and can also exist as a sort of pseudo “Lycan” character for people to play.

The Gwagaruh also have a strange mental dynamic that sees them basically acting as a race of sociopaths, which in essence remember what it was once like to have emotion. An attribute they use to survive in the brutal world of the Hidden Empire (the ruling aristocracy of Elder Gwargs). I rewrote the Gwagaruh at least twice, and I am still tweaking them. Howeer, after all the work that has gone into them they have proven an incredibly interesting species.