On Holiday!


On Holiday!

Currently here on Holiday in the United States and relaxing before heading back to Brookes. This is a minor update blog as I’m taking a minor hiatus from content work other than background writing. Right now Threefold is off to the Beta Readers and will be continuing its editing phase for the next few weeks. As we work on the editing I will begin writing the appendices and locating artists to commission over the next two months. Our current hope is to have the initial typescript ready by early march so that it can be arranged into the ebook pattern. I then hope to have the initial commissions complete by April so that we can start raising awareness to the book.

On that note, I will likely be doing two things before returning to Oxford. The biggest one is going to be the filing of an LLC so that DasWyrd can become an official entity! We want to do this so we can control licenses, and pretty much be a legal entity. Plus it would be nice to be able to legally pay people and to accumulate funds for future projects. We also need a major entity to hold the copyrights and an official partnership so that all the work done by everyone can get realistically recognized! Plus also tax reasons.

The next aim after the filing is to complete a majority of the Techno-Magic Lore for LITS well, start it. The problem with Land in the Stars is that the entire universe is -very- complicated and very deep. Its not something we can fix instantly so it will take time. Another big push finally will be the design and the creation of the professional website for Land in the Stars. Hopefully our landing page will be fully ready by sometime this coming year, and our forums will have a general design sometime later next year!

Happy Holidays!