Scald-Crow – Trouble 3


Scald-Crow – Trouble 3

I had the spear, or at least it was in reach. I could feel the power of aetheric energy wafting off it. It was like a torch in the night to me as the skin around it began to black and cook on the sluagh’s flesh. My eyes narrowed to slits as I focused, and I could feel a wasp-spasm seizing my body. It wasn’t like what others had, but I could feel my hands clenched as my muscles corded and ready to spring. I felt it pushed me forward as I lunged at the spear with all my might. Increased mutant strength hurtled me faster than a human could blink and I seized the spear.

All of my weight and forced went into that grip and it came out. Well, it was more of a wet messy crunch as the muscle and dermis around it gave way and gore flew off around me in the night.

I spun the spear around my arm three times as I felt something heavy starting to form around my arm. It was like an electric field as energy sparkled and sizzle as a metallic round shield suddenly popped into existence.

‘I called them, the Shield and Spear love, and now we will have my Shard in the beast!’

Morgan whispered sweet nothings in my internal ear and I smiled revealing sharpened pointed teeth. I was more predator than human now as I felt my wild mane of red hair whip in the night wind. I was ready to end this things life. I would send its pack of slavering souls screaming back to the hell it crawled up from.

THUMP – THUMP. Massive clawed hands turned the creature around me as its long lanky body faced me. Unlike the last one this one had a semblance of a face and I could see its eyes glaring at me. They burned like coals in the night and I could feel the hunger from it. It’s emotions were obvious me and Morgan fed off it’s hate for me. As a Goddess of War she lived off feelings of hate, anger and much more. It powered her and thus me in turn.

“…WE WILL HAVE YOU!.” it gasped as it swiped at me and I raised my shield. It’s force caused me to skid across the street. My spear responded in kind and stabbed through the hand. It was a barbed spear, hence it’s name Boar-Ripper. Those barbs easily tore into flesh and more gore met the night air. It pushed against my spear as I stood my ground.

Morgan screamed in my mind as I used my rage to push back as the kinetic force from it shuddered in reverse from my shield. Again the wasp spasm came and I used the built up rage to send two great bashes of my shield just as the monster’s hand recoiled. CRUNCH. The sickening sound of breaking bone snapping like wooden logs in a storm.

CRACK and the arm was hanging by threads of dermis.

“That all you got?” I said and knew it was going to make another play for me. These things always did. Just as the first did it would try something!

Leaning on its broken arm the sluagh grappled with something on the ground by it’s slovenly body. A jingle of metal caught my attention as a chain went whipping past me and hit my shield. It slash my side and I hissed in pain.



“Stupid War-Caste, we come prepared.” It heaved again and battered at my shield. My magic was ripped from me by the Iron as I could feel my skin burn and crawl as my allergy was forced upon me.

How was a sluagh, a thing like me of faerie magic wielding IRON? What pact or oath had it wrought do such a thing?

Another bang against my shield and the iron entangled my spear. Boar-Ripper shuddered in pain in my hand as I dragged against the ground and the creature started to pull me forward.

He hoped the iron would weaken me enough so it could finally have me. But it didn’t bet on my rage, on my drive, and my refusal to give in. Too long I had been the brunt of bad jokes, and listened ti the incompetence of others. I had shat on relationships and proven myself incapable of being a mature person. Life had pissed on my fortunes and in one last ditch effort I had bound myself to a goddess to save myself.

I was too damn selfish to give up to a frankenstein monster who had a chain fetish.

Crap I kink shamed a monster, scream at me later.

I swiveled my right foot and my hip and dropped the spear. As it fell to the ground I pushed forward with all my might and shoved my shield against the hand holding the chain. Just as I did I called out to the spear and it leaped to my had.

“WHAT?!” it said as the surprised of my tenacity was all it had in time as my spear bit deep into it’s body and straight into its blackened thorny heart.

“NOOOOO!” The scream it let out was like a maddened animal a deer in the throes of it’s end melded with a rabbit. It was rather horrible is what I’m saying. As its blood seeped on the ground again and again I removed my spear and shoved my clawed hand into the wound.

‘I can sense it, my shard, myself!” as the creature began to turn to dust around my hand I clenched the bit of magic Morgan wanted, a Shard of her memory. A way for us to know why she was here, and what purpose I was to serve.

“Thank you love,” I said to her as she sighed as the magic was devoured by our collective soul ravenously.

The last of the creature shrunk and faded to dusty motes of black as I stared up at the street light above me. It was one of those half-assed jobs put out in the country. A light connected to a telephone pole and a powerline for just enough power. It didn’t illuminate shit.

I coughed as I felt my inside still riddled with the iron allergy and noticed the chain was missing as well.


I had less evidence to leave for the authorities when they came a calling. Even my mutant ID wouldn’t save my ass this time. Soon news of Scald-Crow would get out and I would have to leave town for a while.

That meant good bye to my job, and I was going to have to find a place to stay. I kicked a rock into a nearby ditch and spit on the ground.

Well fuck me.

‘Calm down love, we have what we need. Raven said he would send us east so we can learn more and get protection.’ Morgan was thinking ahead, and yet I knew I had to leave at least for now. It was only a matter of time before one of those monsters manifested on top of my home and ate my family.

I was not going to be reason my loved one’s ended devoured by what I could only called the bastard child of a shoggoth and a ditto.

I slung my spear over my shoulder, I guess Boar-Ripper wasn’t interested in going back to it’s hidey hole just yet. I turned to ready to walk home. I had about three tiels to go and dammit I had to open cashier tomorrow morning.

Fuck my life.


More to come.