September 2016 Newsletter


September 2016 Newsletter

Another month passes us by and work at DasWyrd Press grows ever closer to our final goal for this year. Over a year ago we pitched the idea of writing a book and then turned I brought the idea of launching a publishing company as a project. Even now I work on the final design for the hardback edition of the book and more. Our marketing campaign is having to adjust itself and we have to do our best to compensate for our future.

I digress.

August has come and gone and major things are in the words. Within a month we will launch our Kickstarter campaign for the novel. Another major announcement will be listed soon. But before then let’s do a round-up for the last month.


August Article Round-Up

  • DasVlog Episode #4We posted our fourth vlog to come out this year and this time focusing on the importance of representation in media.
  • Themes: High FantasyA return to our discussion of themes in writing and this time focusing on my thoughts on the High Fantasy genre. Why do people like Epic Stories? How has the Genre Evolved?
  • Walk the Crossroads #26I continue my series on the lore and world of the Land in the Stars. This time we finish with the discussion on the Mecha variants by discussing the most iconic, the Chevalier Mecha. Known as the Knights of Avalon and feared throughout the Triad for the terrible power they wield.


Project Status

Currently, there are two projects nearing completion, one still in progress, and a new project still in pre-production.

  • ThreeFold Seer Volume 1 – The first volume our debut series is completed with its editing and the design work for both the paperback and ebook just need a bit of fine-tuning. Hardback will be available, but we do need to design the cover. Our marketing campaign will be slowly ramping up as we prepare to raise awareness of the book itself.
  • ThreeFold Future – Work on the next book will be starting out soon and our future work on the series will depend on the reception of the first. Our hope is that we can fund and improve the the franchise with each successive novel.
  • Land in the Stars – Plans for the Tek lore are slowly coalescing together. We plan on finishing up the base lore for Tek abilities before starting the Alpha Stage. Current projections see us starting Alpha in October with us guiding people to create characters before or around that time.
  • Future Novels – Part of our ongoing work to produce new content sees us exploring the next future franchise we want to publish. Currently, I am testing out two draft manuscripts with our beta readers for future publication.


Major Changes Are Coming

Part of the upcoming release of the novel and the kickstarter mean some definite changes to the website as a whole. I want to create a good presentation for the kickstarter to professional and to gain a level of respect to newcomers. So part of this includes an update of the website that will bring a focus to the type of aesthetic we hope to achieve. This is a period for DasWyrd to go from dream to professional reality. Chances for us to stand out on our own from above the age old stigma of “self-publishing”.

I won’t reveal much, but we have found and it will be launched upon the official announcement of the book’s release date.