Shall we walk the Nine Worlds?


Shall we walk the Nine Worlds?

Hello Dreamer, welcome to the Cross Roads a place where the Nine Worlds intersect. Shall you walk with me?


After a lot of blood and sweat, this is the official launch post of my new site!


As of right now my current focus is the revision and eventual act of publishing Arrow Chid, the book of my Amazon Diaspora series!  I have a few other works I would like to discuss down the line, but for now the major ones are:

  • The Age of SkySail – A series of fantasy novels set in a desert world where people living on floating clusters of islands and where magic is harnessed through enslaving the spirit-folk races.
  • Altear – A series of short stories and future epics dealing with the history of my mythological core universe. Plus expanding the Altear Wiki!
  • Nyla Clarkson – An investigative reporter with the ability to create illusions and speak to the dead. Who happens to have been trained in magic by the infamous Spring-Heeled Jack himself!
  • The Stars of Avalon – A scifi universe imbued with Fae and Cyberpunk set in a strange trinary star system. Heavily influenced by Cowboy Bebop, Mobile Suit Gundam, and Firefly!


Then there are my two current constructed language projects:

  • Aɲazo – The language of the Aɲazones or the Amazon people.
  • Elder Tongue – One of the lost languages of Altear’s Silver Age, and the primary Fae language of the Nyla Clarkson books which are featured in the world of Agaera (Fae for Earth)!


The Oak Cross

All of my works and projects are interconnected through the World Tree which is known throughout the cosmos simply as the Oak Cross. A place where the nine worlds of reality intersect and where magic and reality meld. Some worlds are without magic and are directly mirrored on our own where as others are the very land of legends itself (Altear).