Sketch: Princess Sik’anzi


Sketch: Princess Sik’anzi

Ielaasik’anzi nii Ganee

Princess Sik’anzi of Ganee

There are very few figures as important in Crescent history as Sky Seer Sik’anzi. She was born in the year TA 0.71 (year 71 of the Torn Age) to Queen Kilanii Hawkrider and King Akai of Ganee. Her birth was the result of an extensive series of negotiations to end a period of war between the Lowland Kingdoms of the Skybound and the Kith of the Highlands. Called the Sunrift Rising it resulted in thousands of deaths on both sides and years of animosity ever afterward. Only when the heir of the Hawkrider Kith was married to the newly ordained King of Gauzea was the war ended. When she was born, she was named Zik’aniree, by her father and was declared the Crown Prince of the Kingdom. Assigned male at birth she was unable to properly express herself and lived always in the shadow of her father.

Sik’anzi’s mother is her major inspiration and while the young woman barely knew her Kilanii lives on through the Princess’ teacher, Knamsii son of Knamak. Her given name, Zik’aniree, meant the “Terrible One” a name given to her to inspire fear in King Akai’s enemies.



True Self

Sik’anzi is a trained Warrior of the Two Blades, meaning she’s an accomplished fighter and tactician. Even among the nobility her skills are noted and spoken of with respect among the standing aristocratic families and her hand is sought after by many young women. A kind hearted soul, her one true desire as a child was to become a Sky Shaman like her mother and a dedicated Priestess to Ailaraatoinie, the Goddess of the Skies. However, her father forced her into the life of a soldier and she had to hide her Shaman training from his iron gaze.

Among the household of Akai, Sik’anzi uses her influence to locate others like herself, outcasts and rebels who chafe at the strict social structure of Ganeen society. Among these included her good friends Virenda and Akamiree two of her personal bodyguards. Both are misfits in their own right Virenda a woman who prefers a masculine exterior and Akamiree who like Sik’anzi’s mother is a Highlander.

Quick witted and impatient Sik’anzi finds freedom in either the sparring grounds or preparing herself in the traditional dress of the Highland Kith. To her, the true self is the soul embracing and expressing itself no matter what others think. Thus when the Whispers on the Wind called her to become a Seer she answered with open arms.