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Gazetteer is Coming!

For the past several months I have wanted to write a few essays, and short pieces about the worlds I work on. Actual lore entries that fans can dig into to understand the Nine. So in the future as I get more time from my shifting work habits (I will soon no longer be working […]


Counting the Nine

The Oaken Heart seats the Horned King who watches over all. The Raven Queen Judges, and the Circle Gods prepare for the end. ~Death Prayer of Rael     The Nine Worlds of Crenhu Thaor (The World Tree), are held in the boughs that connect the realms of the Nine. These include many from the […]


Mid-Jan Updates, and Editing is Killer

This is the first time I’ve seriously gone through something bigger than fifty pages and done some seriously editing. I do not count my work on my lengthy previous college papers as they were double spaced, and were in general double checked by a parent. Yeah, having a college professor as your mom can be […]