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Elder Tongue | Part 2: Nouns

Elder Tongue is an interesting language which modern mundane ensorceled scholars predict has had an undue influence on the Celtic languages of Europe and other Indo-European languages. The similar sounds found in it and the Celtic languages has created numerous theories as to how the Fae influenced certain peoples across the world. Even the usage […]


Elder Tongue | Part 1: Phonology & Mutations

The languages of the Fae are widespread and unique across the Oak Cross universe. Many of them present themselves as the proto-language of common tongues found today. The Moon Water People found in Agaera speak an early form of Proto-Salishan, and the languages used by other groups often mirrors population of their local territory. This […]


Out on Kilohana

A quiet place. A small old plantation house that was built across a long hallway like porch. Screens surrounded the porch to and formed along the edges of a beautiful garden. Tall plants with hornlike branches, and grey bark reached toward a open sky that was clean and without the unruly corruption of man. Ranches […]