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We Are Here For You!

The DasWyrd Team and the Wyrdkin Community is here for everyone hit hard by recent events in the United States. Why you may be feeling emotions of fear, anxiety, and trepidation, we offer ourselves as a safe haven and space for those who need it! Our dream is to become a publisher who breaks boundaries […]


November Update on the Frontlist

Two months ago we published a projected front list for our future imprint (that’s our publishing house 😀 in Publisher Lingo), and so far things are a bit behind. Most of this has had to deal with a few minor setbacks, and none of them luckily are related to the writing of Threefold Seer (which is at […]


Forming DasWyrd – Development Update

Artemis to you all Wyrdkind, and welcome to a simple news update! Instead of my usual rambling blog I will be posting a update now and then which will include information about many of the background projects I am working on! Today I will be discussing DasWyrd (That Fate super roughly in German) a production […]