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Walk the Crossroads | Episode 22: Diversity

Our latest episode discusses how diversity can be used in storytelling and the strengths it brings. However, we don’t just talk diversity as a concept in expanding racial, gender or sexual orientation representation, but rather having a diverse group of characters. New points of view add to the story and when balanced create different ways […]


Walk the Crossroads | Episode 21 – Editing Process

This is a bit more informal than our previous episodes, but today I discuss what I’ve learned about the editing process as a future publisher. Please note that this is only from what I’ve learned personally in my time in the UK and from my previous research of the publishing industry at large!


Forming DasWyrd – Development Update

Artemis to you all Wyrdkind, and welcome to a simple news update! Instead of my usual rambling blog I will be posting a update now and then which will include information about many of the background projects I am working on! Today I will be discussing DasWyrd (That Fate super roughly in German) a production […]