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What Sierd is Avalonic Techonology? Part 1

“We shall become not unlike gods with the power we possess.” -Agathe the Wise, Technologist of the Alchemists Guild The history of the Triad and beyond is driven by infrequent manifestations of technological glory. Some among even the Faeru have often wondered why the technological advancement of the Avalon Cluster has come in such a […]


What the Sierd of the Third Imperial Era?

Trystan’s sacrifice is on my soul, his blood is on arms, his voice is on my lips, and his desire in my heart. -Gwyn oc Artur, Warrior-Queen of Avalon The Third Imperial Era opens in a time of upheaval as the death of Trystan oc Artur catapults the once backwater family of Artur to power […]


What the Sierd is the Second Expansion Era?

We shall have the grand feeding grounds, which you call the Triad. -Tlaloc, Progenitor of the Voidkin Many of the great histories of Star-Crown would say that the Second Imperial Era was a true Golden Age, a time of colonization and advancement. What they fail to mention that it was a time of war, tyrants, […]


Walk the Crossroads | Episode 11: LiTS Society

This week’s Episode of Walk the Crossroads discusses the Imperial Society of Avalon. This includes the traditions of the Empire; the tradition of the Estates General Caste system; the government and law of the entire Triad itself. Jump into the world of complication and convolution which is the Land in the Stars!


What the Sierd is the Founder’s Era?

“When we first looked at the stars some saw opportunity; others saw our lost gods; the rest saw freedom.” ~DA-12003-02, Soulgiven Attendant to House Tyr The beginning of life in Avalon is hard to place. Some across the entire Triad have found evidence of earlier settlement, and others have located archaeological sources that have shown […]


Who the Sierd are Genics?

 Some say the Knights imperial could wield magic, Star-Gods to Honest magic! Lightning, and even the divine light of the holy ones themselves! Then they were gone, and we got them witches, the Genics instead. -A Commoner on Genics The power of the mind, and the ability to manipulate the energies of the body are […]