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Let’s Talk Feminism and More

Generally, as a publisher, we have done our best to avoid direct political commentary and rather we speak through our publications. And yet, the last few years have seen vast changes and awakening in awareness for the general public. However, other items such as the attempted Transgender Army Ban and the coming of the first […]


DasVlog | Episode 4: Representation

Let’s increase diversity in multimedia, and in mass media in general! This matters so much because representation means a lot to people who are not seeing themselves represented in the media. Often times when people do see POC or women they are relegated to stereotypes. The Sassy Black Woman; the Hot Latin Dancer; the Blond […]


Why I am a Kigo fan

Wade, what’s the sitch? Kim Possible is outright arhaic these days, and is a childhood series that I still love to this day. It was ridiculously built on the tropes of the spy genre, and featured characters with outright cheesy names (Doctor Dementor). The campy storytelling itself from monkey Kung-fu to the episode about the […]