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June 2018 Newsletter

Goddess, I didn’t expect May to end so quickly and for June to rush up towards me. Hello everyone, its Pride Month and here at DasWyrd we are hard working away at our current projects. Our primary focus these last few months have been the second book in the ThreeFold Seer series. Another major part […]


Dark Dungeons: The Kingdom

“No matter what happens kid, you done good.” -Narrator, The Bastion Most if not all major myths and tales place in the mythical Kingdom or Nation which acts as the ubiquitous Damsel-In-Distress of lands. Hyrule, the Capital Wasteland or perhaps or a combination of various countries such as Rohan and Gondor in Middle Earth. In other […]


Jessica Jones – Alias Investigations

Is Jessica Jones a hero? Is she a freak who lost her parents? Or is she just a part time heroine who uses liquor to cover up the pain in her life? Its a bit of both, and if you are ready for another great Marvel Show, then look out DareDevil here comes Jessica Jones! […]