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September 2016 Newsletter

Another month passes us by and work at DasWyrd Press grows ever closer to our final goal for this year. Over a year ago we pitched the idea of writing a book and then turned I brought the idea of launching a publishing company as a project. Even now I work on the final design […]


November Update on the Frontlist

Two months ago we published a projected front list for our future imprint (that’s our publishing house 😀 in Publisher Lingo), and so far things are a bit behind. Most of this has had to deal with a few minor setbacks, and none of them luckily are related to the writing of Threefold Seer (which is at […]


November ThreeFold Update

In the Age of Spirit, the Goddesses walked the world. Chiefest among their beloved followers were the people of the Shimmering Isles, whom the Goddess of Sea named Wave Riders So grand were the works of the Wave Riders that they built shining cities with grand minarets, with golden and ivory palaces, and farmed spices […]