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What the Sierd are Avalonic Starships? Part 3

“Drop sail-shift, change to half fusion, open gun ports ensign!” Throughout the Sea of Stars a variety of spacecraft sail through the depths of the vacuum. Most are registered with the internal archives of the Artificiers Guild and others are hidden from the sight of the Triad. Legends are abound of ghost ships, lost civilizations […]


Walk the Crossroads | Episode 20: Mecha of Avalon

The Mecha of Avalon have fought in long wars, and are used by many factions. From the terrifying Eoten, the valiant Chevalier, to the fearsome mysterious Wak’a. Plumb the secrets of these bio-logical weapons, and learn the technologies that give them life.


Walk the Crossroads | Episode 14: Jades, Elder Folk, and Demons

This week we discuss the final three primary religions of the Avalon Cluster (that we know of). First being the Jaded Path, a religion dedicated to finding one’s inner Tranquility and awakening from the Despair around them. Second, the Thousandfold, an ancient series of shamanic traditions united in the face of heavy persecution from the […]


Walk the Crossroads | Episode 9: LiTS History Overview

The latest episode of Walk the Crossroads is a quick and dirty look at the history of the Land in the Stars. Ranging from the Founder’s Era and catching the basic highlights of all the Eras we discuss how the modern Three Systems was shaped by its history.