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DasVlog | Episode 1 – Gender Identity

For the first DasVlog I attempt to discuss the notion of Gender Identity and the diversity of the world. Because of the vastness of human expression I wanted to show the experiences of people and provide greater representation through my writing. For references mentioned: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balkan_… – Balkan Sworn Virgins https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two-Spirit – Two Spirits of North […]


Walk the Crossroads | Episode 22: Diversity

Our latest episode discusses how diversity can be used in storytelling and the strengths it brings. However, we don’t just talk diversity as a concept in expanding racial, gender or sexual orientation representation, but rather having a diverse group of characters. New points of view add to the story and when balanced create different ways […]


Walk The Crossroads | Episode 15: Of Sea, Stone, And Sky

Our long  hiatus for Walk the Crossroads is now over! In Episode 15 we return with a short, and newsy episode discussing our latest project, ThreeFold Seer! Beginning this month and until the end of November we’ll beginning work on the initial start of the ThreeFold Songbird Trilogy. This project is part of the final […]


Walk Between Shadows | Chapter 20 – Dive Bomb

 DISCLAIMER – This story features images of violence, adult language, and some adult situations. The following story is Copyright © 2015 Padraig O’C. Copying this story without permission from the author is strictly prohibited. Down Town bellingham was built on a series of hills that arched along the lip of the souther part of Bellingham bay just […]