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What the Sierd is Avalonic Technology? Part 2

“We hold the power of the gods, a frightening revelation.” -Cyrus the Elder, Scholar of Duzahk We return to discuss the complexities of Avalonic Technology, and the various applications which can be used found throughout the Avalon Cluster. Previously we discussed the expansion of Propulsion, Created Intelligence, and Cybernetic invention. This week we pick up […]


Who the Sierd are the Helogav?

Some call them the Star-Lepers, the Plagued, the Phage-Carriers. Their name in Elder Tongue is Helogaemh which means “The Corrupted”. The youngest race in the history of the Avalon Cluster, is also the most tumultuous and chaotic since the creation of the Soulgiven. Born not from genetics, nor from manipulation or even a cult the Helogav […]