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Winter 2018 Newsletter

There is no excuse for the fact that I haven’t written in a long time and it’s been an ongoing sense of disconnect which has been a problem this past year. The drive to write has come and go in a back and forth pull which has refused to let me actually make much headway. […]


April 2018 Newsleter

April has come, and it has come on a sad note. This last month has been quite stressful as a friend of mine passed away in the last few weeks and the stress of the loss has hit me hard. This has coincided with an increase in my hormone dosage and I think it’s causing […]


July 2016 Newsletter

June has already passed us and the final half of 2016 has begun! This was a dark and strange eerie month to experience in so many ways, and in other, it was a means of understanding problems still facing the world. This last month was Pride, rainbows were up and we remembered the lives that […]


Walk the Crossroads | Episode 23: LiTS Roll System

The basis of the system is a D20 (Twenty Sided Dice) rolled for each participant. Players who participate each roll a D20, and the highest number wins all. If players have a related skill to the roll they can turn the rank into a modifier (a number added) applied to the roll. If you want […]


Themes: Disability

Disability is something hard to write for some people, and easier for others. In some cases we end up with heroic individuals such as Matt Murdock whose blindness gave him super-human senses. But this is not true for everyone. Many characters either become defined by their disabilities, or the disability is just another road-block in […]


LiTS Anecdotes | Prisoner

Darkness. Darkness greeted the vision of the prisoner, as the a deep sense of grim reality fell upon them. They had been kept within the depths of the dungeon for more than a year. Wires ran along the floor as the prisoner tried to open their eyes, and could not. They were locked within their […]


Drawing from Mythology

For years and years I have had a longstanding love of folklore. Stories of the black forest of Germany which influenced the creation of Grimm’s Fairytales. Stories of princesses kissing frogs were just the start as the stories inherent in parts of Disney movies drew my interest deeper, and deeper into the legends that helped […]


Who the Sierd are the Gwagaruh?

The Gwagaruh were born from an act of complete arrogance ordered by the ruling Emperors of the First Faerin Star Empire. An act that to this day is often simply called the “Spider’s Folly”. Once locked away in cursed sarcophagi the Progenitors of the Gwagaruh were released into the Avalon Cluster. These monstrosities soon took […]


Another Year Passes Me By

Its been roughly a year since I turned twenty-five and resolved to do more with my life. I was in a job which I really did not like (it was a pretty off job as a telemarketer), and within three weeks of having the job I was laid off for not meeting the desired quota. […]


Who the Sierd are the Soulgiven?

The Enaroydyr or the Soulgiven are a race of Synthetic beings, robotic or android creatures that come in a variety of forms. From the nearly completely ditigal TALOS to the near faerin humanoid look Homunculi they are united in the existence of enslavement. The Soulgiven are the prodigal children of the Faeru who were born […]