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What the Sierd is the Second Imperial Era?

I am the Lord of all the Stars! It is my voice that carries the dominion over all worlds and colonies! It is -my- will that sculpts the destiny of over a billion souls. -Not- some spider weaving a web of lies! ~Emperor Atreus Ulgan, The Mad The second Dynastic Era would begin with the […]


Who the Sierd are the Helogav?

Some call them the Star-Lepers, the Plagued, the Phage-Carriers. Their name in Elder Tongue is Helogaemh which means “The Corrupted”. The youngest race in the history of the Avalon Cluster, is also the most tumultuous and chaotic since the creation of the Soulgiven. Born not from genetics, nor from manipulation or even a cult the Helogav […]