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Site Update

When the dreamer awakes, the world shall be torn asunder. -Nuadan Prophecies Arteɲei Shunle, Artemis to you, as the Amazones say. Hello everyone, this is Padraic O’C aka ShadowedSin, and I’ve recently updated the design and look of the site! After two years of a lighter design I’ve decided to adopted a darker skin in […]


Work Progress Update

Time for a minor update on latest goings on. The past few weeks have been a bit more than a little intense as I prepare for the upcoming application season. I say season because there are a decent list of schools including Simon Fraser University, Brookes University, and Drexel University. These various schools offer a […]


Oaken Bard – The Canticle of Giants

Great did the tree rise of old. Born of fire, and born of cold. Center of empires ancient and grand. All would forever worship at her stand. Four cities were built beneath golden bough. Lands that were set by bronze plough. Children of a golden age. All were ruled by a kingly sage For an […]