The Fae Courts of Agaera


The Fae Courts of Agaera

Mortals think there are four courts, and there are, but they always get the name wrong. We are not Seelie or Unseelie, nor do we align to direction or season. No our courts are named for the gods.

The Fae of Agaera are a superstitious and pretentious bunch. Their very existence is driven by interest and curiosity on a level that borders on madness.Every Fae has a place, and every place has a Fae. Clan is the element or natural environment a Fae identifies with; tribe is their extended family. Court however is nothing, but political. Powerful Fae known as the Dhíarhu or Divine Ones in the Elder Tongue. The four courts are thus named as the Younger and the Elder.

The Elder Courts were founded during the Time of the Ancient Empires that once dotted the early days of Agaera. The Younger Courts were then founded in rebellion against them.


A Brief History

After the fracturing of the World Tree in Altear a dangerous period of Chaos erupted among the denizens of Agaera. The most powerful among them used an old incantation to absorb as much magical power as possible. This gained them increased ability, but drove them steadily into madness. However, in the time of their power increase the four Fae Lords in question built great empires out of the lands that would become known as Antartica, the Americas, Australia and Eurasia. Except long ago they were known as Hyperorea, Thule, Atlantis and Lemuria. But as the ages past the self proclaimed God-Kings drew ever closer to complete madness that was causing them to be more and more unstable.

Their own followers thus turned on them and wove a seal about their sovereigns after tricking them to a grand conclave of the High Nobility. After a battle which lasted many hours they were able to force the God-Kings into a slumber deep within the Outer Ways of reality. Thereafter Fae society was ruled by the nobility of those ancient empires who became known as the Courts.


The Four Courts

The Court of Dawn

The Dawn Court was created by the Fae of Africa in the early centuries CE. The creation itself was done in direct relation to the spread of Abrahamic religions and the failing belief in pagan gods across various parts of Europe and Asia. many among the Court consider it to be the most lenient to mortals. Like all Courts they maintain agents across Agaera in the form Changelings and even enchanted mortals. Their primary directive is to protect sanctuaries and natural sites under their control. In most cases they dislike to directly affect mortal affairs when possible and prefer to rule indirectly.


The Court of Dusk

The Dusk Court is the third oldest of the Fae Courts having been founded by Rebels against the ancient Fae Empires of the Pre-Historic eras. In rebellion against the Elder Courts, the Dusk were cast out and became outcasts across parts of Asia, Africa and the Americas. Their existence in modern times is focused solely in survival. Their tenacity in combat is only made up for in their desire to seek revenge against theCourts who wronged them for many years. They have actively taken and sought territory from the other courts in the last few years bringing them the ire of the rest of their kind.


The Court of Stars

The Court of the Stars are one of the oldest of the Four Courts and named for the ancient gods of the sky. Many of the divine lineages that rule the Court date back to the oldest known pantheons of civilization. Many in the Court of stars come from the purest of the Dhíarhu lineages. Others are simple mercenaries who are seekign to  use the accumulated knowledge of the Courts Tribes as a means of bettering their own capabilities. Star Courtiers are known for being aloof and bluntly uninterested in the workings of mortals, but often take a direct hand in any action that could affect their personal interests. In this regard they are seen as uncaring and viewing humans as “expendable” along with lesser Fae.


The Court of Storms

The Court of Storms is the oldest known Fae organization found in the known realms of Agaera. It was they who assumed power after the fall of the ancient God-Kings, and they who established the modern ideals of the courts thereafter. It was they who originally sealed the God-Kings into the Outer Ways. It is they who then keep watch over that Seal to prevent it from breaking. The Court of Storms thus is often the most riddled ruthless pragmatism and political strategy. The Court of Storms is often found at odds with both the Star and Dawn Courts. The Dusk Court it considers an upstart rebellion and not worth its general notice.