Just over a week remains until I walk in to take the General Record Examinations, or the infamous GRE. This is a test (for those of you who have forgotten about it, or don’t know about it) that is aimed at admissions for graduate programs. Surprised to say I did not know I needed to take this test until I had finished my work on the applications from late last month. The rush to do the applications; to ultimately compile the portfolio; plus ordering the transcripts that needed to be sent. This also means I need to mail out a few transcripts physically to be sent off to parts of the British Isles. Why? Because for reasons I do not know at all, Western Washington U’s delivery service despise European Addresses (compared to Student’s Clearinghouse).

So after dumping nearly two hundred dollars in registering for the test (yowch!) and paying for a study guide I’m back on feeling like I did before finals. Truth be told I’m having to spend most of my time reviewing information I’ve nearly forgot, that its not tiring, its simply daunting! Pardon the candor, but its been nearly five years since I’ve taken a test so its a little more than simply tense for me to wake up early in the morning to drive down to some station to sit for five hours staring at a series of papers.

That all aside, I will be happy to work as hard as I can. I have no idea on how I will do on the test, but I am working through the test guide (written by the company that runs the test, ETS) to do my best on the exam itself. So far I’ve been studying through the test guide, and its reminding me of a lot of content I’ve forgotten. Luckily some of it is not the hardest to relearn, or even simply remember. But there are a few test example questions which are simply perplexing in their word choice.

I have to admit that many of the problems I could get caught on when it comes to taking the test is how they write questions. I find in some cases that a few of the answers are not based upon always the most logical means, but more of the subjective take of the test writers. On the other hand I am simply just incensed I had to rework my mind logically in aspects of reading comprehension! I take the test in roughly nine days so here is to a good score, and a day that doesn’t leave my mind frazzled.