The Nine Worlds…


The Nine Worlds…

We the War Children, bred in blood and bathed in fire.

~Niall, Prince of Ravens

Many of you who have read, and delved into my collective works will notice I have a love for the mythology of the “Nine Worlds”. Its one of my favorite aspects of Norse mythology and has over the years provided and ever evolving connection for the cosmology of the Crossroads. When I first started creating Altear back in 2009, I had previously worked on a realm known as the Skare, a sort of mutli-plane realm heavily based off of the concept of energy and matter. There were no gods in that world merely the self possessed entities that represented the cycle of Life and Death. The peoples of the Skare created names and terms for these entities and over time began to worship them.

The story was pretty interesting, but the series suffered from an overall goal. It was not going anywhere and it was lingering without much direction. Someday I may revisit the Skare and finally finish my first great novel, but at this moment I’m focusing on fleshing out the enormity that is the Crossroads.

Power is an illusion created by the masses to justify their insufferable lives.


What is it?

The Crossroads is just that; its an intersection of the Nine Realms connected by the roots and branches of the World Tree. Much like in old Norse Mythology, the realms exist within the three sectors or “boughs” of the tree. One represents the three realms of spirits, one the areas of magic and myth, and finally one left to the reaches where myth can only inspire. Places like Loakz’ala are so barely touched by the tree that they have evolved separately from the rest of the Nine. Others like the realm of the Amazons are only influenced via dreams and waking senses.

It means basically that all my books and my worlds are at their core connected somehow. Be it a small dream in one story, or a re-occurring phrase throughout all time (No it is not Bad Wolf).

Speak my name lass, speak it for the Nine to hear! I am old as time, and older than shadow. I am the ending.

-Abyss to Nyla

Why do that?

I connected my worlds in a grand cosmology as I wanted to keep a greater sense of contact between them. I’ll likely delve into future projects that are far from connected, but the idea of having different realms connected through minor or even distant themes is interesting. I could easily imagine writing five books and then hiding easter eggs for my readers and then challenging the audience to find the connection.

In the end my stories are influenced by mythology and the belief that to change the world one must alter fate. Be it Eleni discovering her grand Revelation in Arrow Child or Nuada defending the Great Cities against the Giant Hordes.