The Path to Alpha – LITS


The Path to Alpha – LITS

Land in the Stars has been in the works for more than three years now. First, it was a lengthy timeline with races added over time and evolving system. Hours upon hours of research into existing fandoms to help understand it’s future. Every move and written article expanded the world and the universe that is LiTS. Now afater all this time we are moving forward to the soft launch of the game in roughly a month. While only the area in and around the Imperial Capital will be open, much story is to be had when it comes to the Saga of the Stars.


The Opening Plot

House Hormuz has defeated House Tyr in a War of Tribulation, and claimed the power of House Ascendant. This act challenges the status quo and the remaining Princes have called a gathering of the House Senate. Will House Hormuz be revoked, or will their claimant as the Princes of Rook be acknowledged? The Princes of Throne, House Durant, face their own trials as their power is challenged by the ancient House of Ishkur. With a lack of heirs to secure the succession the fate of the warrior family dances on a razor’s edge. Meanwhile, the Princesses of Sentinel, House Amaterasu have ruled for seven consecutive generations. Now, their serenity is shattered as religious insurgents secret a rebellion across the holdings of their home system.

What will the House Senate reveal? Will the Sovereign game favor the standing order, or will anyone deny the write of Star-Crown and risk censure of the other Noble Houses.

The beginning of our story sees the end of the lengthy war between Houses Tyr and Hormuz. After a generation of bloodshed House Hormuz has ascended to the throne of Rook and now reigns Ascendant. House Durant of Throne faces its own problem as its power is being challenged on all sides. Meanwhile, the House of Amaterasu, Princesses of Throne, faces a secret rebellion in their very midst.


What Needs To Be Done

To prepare for the upcoming opening we will be completing a series of articles over the next month.  These wiki entries focus on the three primary families of the game (to start), and include their respect homes, their ethnic groups and planets. We will further flesh out information on the imperial government to allow expanded opportunities for roleplay and then schedule a series of updates for the future.

The completion of this lore is to make it easier for players to be able to create characters to their liking. Filling out the lore on ethnic groups and countries gives a player a lot of internal information they can use for threads. Much of the final work for preparation is this kind so people have a sense of what life is like an where they can act out their character’s actions in the world.


The Actual Date

For now, our rough date for the launch will be set around October 23rd through to October 25th. This is the between period from when I will be leaving for Portland and my birthday. A time in which I hope to open up approval for characters and start our first threads for the game.


Projected Release Timeline

  1. Complete House and Ethnic Lore Mid-September
  2. Lore on Writs, the House Senate complete by Months End
  3. Opening up for Applications by Early October.
  4. Soft Opening between the 23rd and 25th.