Themes – Soul of a People


Themes – Soul of a People

One aspect of my writing is to delve into how a group of people feel, and the pain which can come experience. This is something we often champion in our own homeland mythos, but it is one that can be difficult to understand when the people simply -do not- look like us. How many people in America, get a sense of pride when they read about the Revolution? How many people in Spain think of when Franco was overthrown? How much did the world rejoice was Nazi Germany was cast down in its despotic terror? The feeling that we all get is known as communitas, it is the singular soul that unites us all as a people.

One of the primary themes of my worlds is that one, communitas, is not found in just group acts, but also in group experiences. A group of rebellions finds alignment in common cause. At the same time they are not the only ones who are being humanized. The one thing that I wish to strive for is to not only show the depths of the pain of the ‘oppressed’, but also the soul of those that are causing the oppression. Within StarWars the Galactic Empire is in general painted with a fairly broad brush of evil, and in Lord of the RIngs the ORcs of Morder are a blind enemy to be destroyed as they represented the destruction of freedom.

In Arrow Child we are introduced to a shadowy series of enemies that exist not for one reason, but many. They are not driven by some overarching meglomaniac desire to rule the world, they are driven by baser needs. The one thing I wish to provide is a villain or even villains that are not only easy to understand, but also work off the evils of this world in general. Going further beyond that I would like to hope that outside of any primary -big bads- the villains are much more similar to the characters found in GRRMs Song Ice and Fire.


Agenda beats Alignment

Actions speak louder than words. Evil within the Nine Worlds is defined by the history and the stories told by the survivors. To the Amazones the Romans are one of the vilest peoples to ever walk the face of earth. To the Romans the Amazones were a defiant people who were more than willing to kill their own children to escape Roman civility. The Roman Emperors saw Thrace as another stepping stone to greatness in the face of the Gods and the Amazones were simply in their way. In the modern day the extremists of Moon’s way reignite the Amazonian passion for homeland, and they themselves are willing to do great acts of violence to get what they want.

This is a story about peoples seeking what they desire, and their justifications are often written in the blood of their victims. Only in a few select worlds are their true evils, but even then these entities have greater and more alien ambition than to simply rule. In Altear the workings of Abyss are conducted because the Primordial knows nothing more than the desire to cause the end of all things. That is who he is. The Entities of the Outer Ways are alien in their designs and simply wish to do what they wish, when they wish.

In the Nine Worlds there are evils and there are good, but these can easily be misconstrued by the actions of the people upholding those ideals.


Pain and Realization

When the players of power are cast aside the ones who bleed and feel the pain most are the people around them. The tales of the Nine Worlds are not just about the power players, but about the folk they reap to earn their pay. The Amazones seek a homeland and for years have failed because of an agenda to remain in secret and the internal politics of the Clans. It will require an Arrow Child to bring the song of Artemis to the children of the steppe again.

This is one of the resonating features of my books, a story about a people, and about those who claim to be blood with them. I want my readers to not only feel the struggle of the group, but also the shaping of individual by the group. Then finally once we see this we can learn more about how groups identify and cut others away.

An interesting duology to consider, perhaps?