ThreeFold Seer Q1 2017 Update


ThreeFold Seer Q1 2017 Update

The first release of ThreeFold Seer back on November 2016 was one of the biggest moments in DasWyrd’s history! Since we were founded in 2013 we have gone from a small ragtag bunch of roleplayers to a professional (albeit small) publishing house with a clear vision and statement of what we want to achievement. ThreeFold Seer while not our first fictional publication (technically that is Walk Between Shadows) is the first professional piece of work we have accomplished as a team. So for us actually getting to full publication was a pretty big deal which created a mini malaise for us in the beginning. This in part had to do with a lot of change occuring and the push to get the book out there. Our Kickstarter then went and eventually funded a small print run of the novel which saw about forty of our books physically given away and so far loved by those who have read them.

Now, where does that leave us?

We currently have a slowburn advertising campaign going on twitter and tumblr. Our content is posted on a regular basis and our followers have increased on tumblr specifically. Our blog posts have gained interest and we are slowly reaching out to people! Our books are even on sale at a local bookstore, and yet where does that leave us? Well, first, we need to speak to a few reviewers to help expand the ratings of the book. That should help people get to know our brand! And, that like all good things that just start will take time.


The Sequel

Our plans for the ThreeFold series are long-term, we see at least five more books set in a total of two trilogies being released. We do understand that as readers this can create waiting fatigue and reading fatigue. Some people like nice tidy novel series that end in no more than three books, and we respect that. Also, we know that readers -love- series that they can delve into, and become connected to over a period of time. Right now as we speak the first third of the novel’s first draft is complete. Current, hope is to see the book’s draft complete by the end of spring. Now, this means a serious increase writing productivity which will be a challenge while balancing the various marketing needs to gain support for the current novel.

If we are able, we should have the book out by Spring of 2018 with the third novel already moving toward revision. Our first experience with the publishing process has honed our abilities and we hope to provide an even higher quality book than before. As with the previous novel there will be two covers commission hopefully done by the same artist (it depends on if Lin Hsiang is busy!) and we are angling to have more wonderful internal art for the books!


Language Support and Community

Our expansion and support of language documentation is one of the primary concerns for the DasWyrd team. We also hope to open up more lines of communication with our community of fans in the future. Currently, most of our long-term fans have come to reside in our Skype Channel and more recently we added a discord server for our members to access. Right now, our community chat is our primary sounding board, and a safe place for all fans who need it. We hope to hold more AMA’s on tumblr and eventually conduct another series of discussions on reddit possibly in the future.