ThreeFold Seer Vol 1 Releases November 16th!


ThreeFold Seer Vol 1 Releases November 16th!

those-apart-hardback-sampleWell over a year ago I started to pen the book that set everything in motion. After years of saying that I would publish a book that dream is finally coming to fruition! It took a while, but finally, I am proud to announce that on November 16th of this year DasWyrd Press will publish its first novel!

ThreeFold Seer is our first major book series and the first major franchise that we are debuting as a company. We have tagged it as Queer Fantasy as the main characters are primarily LGBT* with many of them being transgender or nonbinary. Additionally, the setting itself is something new we call “Shamanpunk” a fantasy world steeped heavily in indigenous mythology and folklore. In fact, the entire cast is based on the peoples of North America and the vast Islands of the Pacific. This is part of a new breed of fantasy settings where the primary focus isn’t pseudo-medieval Europe or the magical Far East.

Here’s the official synopsis for the novel:

In the Shattered Crescent, Shaman command the elements, speak to animals, and commune with Spirits. The most powerful of them all were the Seers, but seventy years ago, they were murdered.


Now three unlikely souls are about to find their lives changed forever. A Prince wishing to be their true self; a Whale-Rider born of a broken past; and a Shaman’s apprentice seeking adventure. Immortal witches hunt them, and kings demand their blood. All the while their destiny remains clouded in conspiracy. Only the Threefold power of the Seers can unmake the tragedy committed years before.

Read the Prologue for Free!


Format’s and Locations

First, the book will be available in three forms Ebook, Paperback, and Hardback. The are listed on the books official page and are listed for American and EU sales. We will be eventually posting prices for Canada once we figure out a bit more about sales channels! We hope to make the book available on multiple mediums including Kobo, Kindle, and others for your enjoyment. Another goal we have is to make the book available locally in Washington and the Pacific Northwest in Independent Bookstores. We would branch out further, but as we only have a limited staff (basically myself) there is only so many locations we can contact at a given time.


Future Content

Part of our ongoing work for ThreeFold Seer will be the publishing of free supplementary material. Our first hope is to include a new Gazetteer Article (our little lore essays) about the Shattered Crescent itself. Then we’ll be releasing notes on the Crescent Language, and a dictionary of the current words in the language itself (this is one of ten or more languages created for the books).