ThreeFold Seer: Volume 1 – Overview


ThreeFold Seer: Volume 1 – Overview

Stories sing of Sea, Stone and Sky; of three Goddess who made the world known as the Shattered Crescent, and made the three Peoples of that world. The emissaries of the Goddess were the Shaman, powerful magic users who could speak the word of beasts; feel the living currents of mana that ebb throughout all things; and commune with the spirits of the Isles. Greatest were the Seers, the voices of the divine who kept the balance between the three Peoples. Seventy years ago though a vicious Warlord from the Skybound Kingdoms slew the living Seers and broke their ancient bloodlines. Now as an era known a the Torn Age rages across the Crescent the Goddess bestow their blessing on a new Generation of Seers.


Can these new god-blessed youngsters save their world? Or will they be consumed by the same greed as those who murdered their predecessors?

ThreeFold Seer is a new novel series that blends compact format of light novels with the complexity and character depth found in infamous “door stopper” epic fantasy novels. The setting of ThreeFold is known as the “Shattered Crescent” a place where spiritual and technological have melded for centuries. The elements of this world: Sea, Stone, Sky, Blood, Bone and Dream; are wielded by powerful individuals known as Shaman. These spiritualists are able to not only see the currents of their element, but can talk with the sentient Speaking Animals that call the Crescent home. Inspired by the history of Japan’s Sengoku Jidai and the rise of King Kamehameha in Hawai’i our world blends multiple themes of the Pacific to bring a vibrant universe to life filled with its own prejudice and desire for emancipation.


About the Book

Volume 1 – Those Apart is the first in this series and focuses on Princess Sik’anzi a transwoman who must hide her identity in her assigned masculine body to ward off the watchful eyes of her domineering father. Out of no where a strange woman comes to her family’s court in the Kingdom of Ganee and will trigger a sequence of events forever changing the young woman’s life. Meanwhile in the North, lazy near orphaned Ediyozii of the Clouded Mountain Tribe goes hunting one day to find herself empowered by a slumbering Goddess to undertake a confusing quest to balance a wrong committed seventy years before. Ewin Sharkkiller of the Whale Clans must find both and stitch together their disparate destinies to make sure that all three do not become victims of a murderous woman known as the Black-eyed witch.

Those apart is a story about a different gender identities and facing ones destiny in a world slowly being overtaken by religious and fascist regimes. After seventy years of bloody oppression, the liberal minded Goddesses fight back by choosing a new line of Seers or “Divine Chosen” to bring about change among their mortal children.


The Design and Layout

Volume 1 is a short read just under two-hundred and fifty pages meant to be the first in a future ongoing series (we hope to eventually release one book a year) focused on the generation actions of the “Seers” of the Shattered Crescent. This novel required months of research beginning with careful reading of the history of King Kamehameha and the figures being the late Unification of Japan. From this history was drawn a desire to depict non-binary youth fighting in a world being overtaken by religious extremism. Our book will feature a beautiful custom art cover created by Lin Hsiang, internal art pages by Paola Tuazon, and custom map art by Miss-Henna. We originally planned to make this a full light novel integrating several pictures, but the cost of such a project proved a bit out of our budget! So we have opted for a less is more attitude and focused instead on trying to deliver quality with artwork that fits the spirit of the setting and the series of ThreeFold.


Themes and Genre

The Shattered Crescent is an attempt at a deconstruction of modern fantasy tropes focused on the ideals of “West vs East” and the general attitude of viewing the east as magical place of wonderment. Instead we wanted to focus on a world where a people once united in language and culture have vastly diverged. Where they once broke bread with one another ages before they now disagree over gender identity, the rightful worship of Goddesses, and notion of blood inheritance. Under the rulership of a warlord known as Nandilee the world slowly falls to an inquisitorial invasion aiming to trample indigenous rights, and erase independent sovereignty in the face of “peace”.

The novels will feature not only the unique setting and see the various cultures of the Six Nations, but also read the languages of the world. As the author I wanted to avoid any of the influences brough in by Indo-European language such as “right over left” and “light is good, dark is bad”. Instead we drew upon common themes from other nations such as the cultural division of “upland versus lowland” in Southeast Asia, and filial piety of Confucianism versus the spiritual vastness of Shinto.


Queer Fantasy

At the end of the day, we consider ThreeFold to be a “Queer Fantasy” a story focusing on characters that do not fit the heternormativity of mass media. I wrote characters that were from not only different gender identities but with different sexual orientations. Having more representation in literature as a means to empower and encourage people to take more agency in their lives.