Update: Living in Headington


Update: Living in Headington

Its been over a week since I officially moved from the United States to all the way over in Oxford. The move itself was a pretty crazy affair which saw me traveling for three hours on a flight to Houston from Seattle and then nine hours from Houston all the way to Heathrow. After arriving in Heathrow I found myself talking to a few members of the Brookes University welcome volunteers and after a while I was on my way to the University! It was a bit of a trip all the way from London to Oxford and we had to do a change over from normal a Airline Bus to a “BrookesBus” which then dropped us all off at our respective Halls.

I’m staying in Cheney Student Village, a large collective of buildings with each floor featuring two large central flats. My flat mates pretty cool! Not going to name them for now as I’m going to be keeping some information confidential. But I will say they’re pretty friendly cool people.


First Week Madness

The first week of classes was mostly induction craziness. On my first day I had to line up with the rest of my fellow Classmates (after missing the international student meeting event) and then walk into a small assembly hall. Here is where we were being given our student cards. I on the other hand had to walk back get my passport, then I returned and had to walk back to an office to get a special write off to get my student card. After that we met a few times in class to discuss what was expected and learn about signing into the class systems. It was a pretty straight forward experience, and really get my enthused for this upcoming year.


Nightly Events

The first week had a few consecutive events from a Rooftop party at a club, to a bar night walking between three large public houses. All in all, its been a fun, yet at times tiring experience. There is just so much to do in Oxford at any given time that you can only do so much. But, each opportunity provides new stories that can be told later on. The best is still one where I came back from a place known as the Victoria with a group of my mates. We are on the bus buss back when a group of Freshmen boards. Afterward a few stops on an older man boards. The freshman are all in their duds and one is moaning about “Help Me” because he’s smashed.

A slow interplay then started between the old man and the young freshmen. At one the freshmen and his friends tried to infer the old man was bald, and of course he snapped back that one of them was already balding (he had his hair styled). In the end the banter ended with everyone shaking hands and finally the very drunk Freshmen glaring at the bus.

These are only a few of the events that have occurred. Its a whole new experience here in Oxford, and its going to get even more interested as time marches on.