Vacation Time!


Vacation Time!

This past week I mentioned the upcoming addition of a new Gazetteer! I will be adding the first essay, a write up on the Amazones after I return from vacation this next weekend! With that being said, I will be posting some pictures, and also a few comments about my experiences!

My trip will begin the 25th, and will see me gone as long as the 30th! That’s about six entire days for me, and my traveling companion (the Pug I call Bookem), to get pretty far down along the Oregon coast! The point of this trip is to remove the build up of tension that has slowly come over me the past few months.


Where am I going?

Starting from the lands of the Skagit Valley, along the Olympia Peninsula and down into Oregon. Along the Coast I will be stopping now and then just for pure exploration! Its really a time to sit back, think and consider where things are going in life. Plus it will offer a lot of time to just ponder the development of Arrow Child, and Land in the Stars!

That’s a lot of exclamation points.


What I will be doing?

I will be car camping with my dog on the trip down! Pretty much just living out of the car, cooking simple foods while enjoying the free air. Any interesting stuff we encounter we’ll likely bet tweeting about, or even writing about here on the blog!