What Sierd is Avalonic Techonology? Part 1


What Sierd is Avalonic Techonology? Part 1

“We shall become not unlike gods with the power we possess.”

-Agathe the Wise, Technologist of the Alchemists Guild

The history of the Triad and beyond is driven by infrequent manifestations of technological glory. Some among even the Faeru have often wondered why the technological advancement of the Avalon Cluster has come in such a haphazard manner. Mayhap it is simply the destiny of the Avalonic Peoples to driven through war and when finally pushed to the brink to discover a grand new innovation. Otherwise, it might simply be that someone has not stolen an idea or has re-engineered it from their enemies. Many discoveries across the Avalon Cluster were inspired by the whims of a noble; necessities for survival; or the drive to conquer those nearby.


Propulsion, Power, and Transportation

Most power within the Avalon Cluster is driven and provided via an invention known as the Aeon Flux Drive. These complicated machines come in a variety of sizes, and only the most knowledgeable Arconeers (those who work on the major machines) know much about them.  These powerful fusion drives require careful shielding an maintenance to prevent them from harming others. This minimal work still requires constant monitoring. A result being clean flashes of transferable energy and clean sources of power. The machines that produce the drives are often known as “Cor” an old Avalonic word meaning heart. These circular bundles are mostly found in vehicles such as Mecha, Ships and other machines of war.

Large ships are able to use AFD drives to travel across the currents and flux of gravity that shift between various celestial bodies. Smaller forms of transport such as personal shuttles or mag-lev trains are quite common across various planets. Self driven carriages are not unheard of. Small craft however are usually unable to maintain their own  Cor and as such require frequent charges to keep their systems from dying.


Information Technology

The central invention that has sourced advancement in information technology has been the Inter-Systems Network, or SysNet for short. Invention of the SysNet is considered one of the greatest triumphs by the Faeru, and the most heinous crimes ever committed against the Soulgiven. Rumors of history say that the SysNet was created from the lobotomized neural cores of vivisected homonculi. In modern eras it is not disembodied minds that direct the massive transfer of data, but carefully placed nets of relays and satellites. A mass interconnected network that has formed the basis of other technologies including ship navigation, holo-games, and other forms of entertainment.


Created Intelligence and Cybernetics

Cybernetics and Created Intelligence are perhaps some of the most complicated and integrated technologies in the Avalon Cluster.  The most simplistic application of Cybernetics are “Holo-Eyes” a pair of goggle or glasses like instruments that allow the user to project themselves (their Cy-Soul) into the inner networks of the SysNet. Cybernetics can also be used to replace limbs and organs. The entire Arashic race is kept alive via the power and sophistication of their prosthesis and organ replacements. More advanced even still is the Puppeteer technology that allows a user to transfer their consciousness from one body to another. These special bodies are known as “Dopplegangers” and are a mixture of synthetic and organic technology.

Created Intelligence on the other hand refers to various forms of “artificial” life that have been invented over the centuries. Virtual Intelligence is the lowest and least complex of CI inventions. Many within the Meisters Guild (the guild who create and build the Soulgiven) consider VI to be the lowliest form of Created Intelligence. Virtual Intellilgences are often used to control computer systems and to manage server input. The more complicated innovation in CI was the creation of “Synthetic Intelligence”.

The Faeru consider intelligences who have migrated to the SysNet itself and now exist as “lost souls” known as Cyrads. True “Synthetic Intelligence” is only applied to the Soulgiven who although recognized as a “Sentient Species” are still considered chattle by their Faerin masters. The creation of Soulgiven is complex and even though many different Series exist no one in modern eras has successfully created a new strain of SI.