What the Sierd? Altear Overview


What the Sierd? Altear Overview

Altear is home of heroes, and legend. Where all magic flows, and where all troubles began.


Time to take a step back and discuss Altear. The world where the Faeru came from. The basics of Altear are far more complicated for one addition of What the Sierd, so a few will be interspersed among the entries on LiTS.

For all intents and purposes, Altear or Alltar is the land of mystery, legend, and myth. The Gods or Ancestors of the Avalon Cluster came from Altear, and it was their lesser children “the Fated Ones” (the Faeru) who were sent to colonized the planets of Elys, and Aru through the World’s Gate. It is a land that has one major thing the Avalon Cluster does not, Altear has magic.


The “Gods”

Altear is a world of Gods, Immortals, and Titans. In the beginning existed the Primordials, the shapers of the universe. First among the Tetriad of powerful beings were Lady Ice, and Lord Fire. They were the eldest, and shaped the world of Altear itself. The younger siblings Child Fate, and Abyss were the ones that effected the work thereafter. Abyss was a creature of desire and infected the elder Primordials and through his machinations Lord Fire, and Lady Ice perish. But in their love two birthed first the World Tree, and then their other Children the Titans.

After the Titans carved up the world and established the Elder Magics in the Silver Age the children of the Titans, the Immortals, overthrew their parents to claim rulership. The Immortals are the “Ancestors” of Avalon, and are the “Gods” we often see in Altear, or even in Agaeru (the Elder Tongue name for Earth).

The Fae are the descendants of mortal blood mixed en masse with the Immortals. This diminished blood has often times created an obsession among the races of Altear for fixation on pure bloodlines.


Racial Lineages

The Faeru are the creators in part of the other four races of LiTS. They are however, not the means of inspiration for racial design. In the Oak Cross metaverse (the entirety of Altear, Agaeru, and all my fictional works) there are distinctive categories of racial organization:

  • Witch – A race of creatures reproduced from Fae, Fae-Touched, or Mortal victims.
  • Fae – Humanoid or near Humanoid races descending from the Immortal Tribes.
  • Giantkin – Races descending from the Jotuns and the Ogres (Fomors etc).
  • Fae-Touched – Mortals with Fae attributes, but diluted Fae blood.
  • MetalSoul – Created races which were made by artificial means and or are synthetic beings.
  • Deviate – Creatures created from another racial lineage through genetic modification or engineering.
  • Cursed –

Each racial lineage is used across the works of Altear, but not everyone is present within



The Giants War would ravage the rule of the Immortals, and bring about the Heros Age or the time of the Fae. By this time the Faeru had already diverged greatly from their ancestral relatives in Altear. What the Fae of Altear still held was the ability to manipulate Fate itself. Through the world Tree those descending from the blood of the Primordials can wield powers that allow them to warp space and time in limited amounts. However, the power of Magic is far lessened than it once was. Child Fate rose to power and through her daughters, the Norns, enforced the Compact.

The Compact enforces the ideal that through the Tapestry of Fate one who is “Bound” has a natural affinity for magic which is gained through teaching. Those who use magic through devices, signs, or through acts are the “Sewn”. In any case magic in Altear follows a series of strict rules that include only the Fated Blood may wield magic (as magic kills or drives mortals insane). Magic cannot regenerate flesh, it can only heal (if you lose an arm you cannot grow it back without technology). One can only learn so many forms of magic (three precisely),  and using too much magic creates a devastating fatigue known as Soulburn.


Tribes and Politics

The World the Faeru came from was filled with numerous warring Tribes. Even Empires were split along the power of bloodlines always looking for the next edge to gain over their opponents. This is why even to this day in the modern society of the Three Systems the Houses rule, and war is a constant. Altear was a world of nations built by uniting fractious people together. A common theme that was once inherent in parts of the Iron Age, and the Dark Ages of Europe. Unity often came through strong will, and necessity; it did not grow out of a simple democratic belief in liberty (much like modern nation building) in many cases (not always the norm though!).