What the Sierd are Adjutants?


What the Sierd are Adjutants?

“We are instruments of the Empire.”

Every regime needs its special agents to enforce the law, and in a federated Empire of bickering noble families, the Imperial Agents are the right hand of the Ancestor Throne. The Adjutants are specialized Soulgiven synthetics given the gift of Tek psionics and charged to enforce the law of the Empire. They stand at the beck and call of the Imperial Bureaucracy who assign them tasks to better the Societal Order as a whole. Because of their increased privileges compared to those of the average Soulgiven an Adjutant is outright created but is chosen from among the most loyal Soulgiven are rewarded with the “Honor of Candidacy”.


Symbols of Imperial Knighthood

The power of the Imperial Adjutants relies on the trust given to them by a member of the Imperial Ministries who selected them in the first place. Most owners of a Soulgiven relinquish power upon the giving of the Honor of Candidacy. Powerful Houses and determined families will often be tattooed on the forehead with A House’s Bloodmark. Many call this the “Eye-Brand” as a reference to the mythical Third-Eye found across mythologies of the various peoples of the Triad. Even if they give up ownership a Soulgiven Adjutant’s owners often still consider the Adjutant in question a member of their family’s retainership.

The major identifier for the agents of Imperial Adjutants is a small metal circular badge. On it is a small emblem, a spiral fixed with three triangles, the marker of the Imperial House. Those that see the marker among the commons call them the Hammers of the  Nobility or the Imperial Swords. They are those gifted to root out corruption, bribery and much more. To their adversaries, their power of Imperial Supremacy is something to be feared and avoided at all costs. Even with all their power, they are only called “Adjutant” as a form of respect.


The Rank and File

Adjutants lack the fancy complicated terms and ranks associated with the Errant Class or even the Gwarish Dwola. To an Adjutant, all there is are just squads and the Deputies assigned to them. Squads are led by an Inspector, a senior Adjutant who answers to the local Intendant from the Imperial Ministries. Younger or newer Deputies are partnered with senior members (who lovingly call them “Probates”). Most Adjutants are assigned to assist different departments of the Imperial Bureaucracy.

Accolades and honors awarded to the Imperial Adjutants are done so at the behest of the Imperial Senate itself. Those who do well often gain the admiration and respect of those around them even a sense of equality from the Faeru. Others might use it as a chance to lord over their lessers and even join the very corruption they seek to stamp out. And yet, others still remain resolute to the notion of the Imperial Knight and serve diligently in enforcing the Imperial Writ of Star-Crown.