What the Sierd are Avalonic Mecha? Part 2


What the Sierd are Avalonic Mecha? Part 2

“The rage of the ascendant consumes the eternal.”

Mecha across the Empire and beyond are bear many names. They are named for their model, and the reputation they gain in battle. Some carry names such as the Black Knight, Red Maelstrom and Tempest Thunder. All of this information is recorded and easily referenced using the Imperial Identification Serial System. Every Mecha found inside the Avalon Cluster are notified, even those piloted by the enemies of the Noble Houses. Any infamous units of Eoten are recorded after initial engagements. The same can be said about the Wak’a of the invading Jagur Knights.

Central among the IISS records are the standing “Eternal” and the Ascendant Mecha they pilot. Many of these fabled machines are noted not only for their reputation, but for the rumors that surround them.


General Mecha Design

Mecha design has become slightly uniform since their inception years ago in the form of the monstrous Eoten. They are all humanoid (Faerinoid) in design meaning a head upon a torso added to two arms and two legs. The orientation has proven versatile over the years and little has been done to change it. Even the piloting interfaces are somewhat the same with minor differences existing across the three configurations.

General features shared across all configurations:

  • Mental Interface Matrix – The MIM is a standard found all Mecha and was originally devised from the Eoten themselves. The MIM is the central computer constructed used to synchronize and direct the thoughts all those involved.
  • Weapons Interface – The primary means of which a Mecha targets and directs weapons fire.
  • Damage Response System – The DRS is the central system that directs and controls the natural healing and repairing ability of Mecha.
  • Cockpit – This appears as a near suitlike area fitted with nano gel restraints and a connection that links the pilots specialized helmet interface.
  • Weapons Containment – The primary area where extra ammo and auxiliary weapons are stored, generally found on the back of the machine.
  • Thrusters – The primary maneuvering thrusts which can be found along the hips and back, used for air and space movement.
  • Plas-Skeleton / Muscles – The internal structure and machinery that allow the Mecha to much faster than other vehicles in reaction time, and general movement.
  • Cor – The central AFD reactor that forms the engine and power source for the Mecha.

Unique features to single pilot configuration:

  • Bio-Bond Matrix – The added attachment that allows the pilot to directly bond mentally and physically with the Mecha.
  • Warp-Plasm – A highly advanced nano-biological agent, Warp-Plasm is the internal lubricant and neural transfer system for the Eoten or other biological Mecha.
  • Exo-Chitin Armor – A self replicating armor that is produced by the Mecha itself and is made of highly durable plas-steel.

Unique features to duo pilot configuration:

  • Bond Core – A central addition to the MIM that allows for the direct synchronization between the two pilots involved.
  • Primary Cockpit – One of two major cockpits where the lead pilot acts as the primary director and reactor of the Mecha.
  • Secondary Cockpit – The second cockpit where the bonded soulgiven partner is housed and allows direct access to the MIM and the information core.