What the Sierd are Imperial Measurements?


What the Sierd are Imperial Measurements?

“If there is one thing the Aken’s did, it was at least created a united measurements system.”

~Cyrus the Elder, Scholar of Duzahk

If there is one thing the Empire of Avalon has lacked its a system of measurement. For many years the various warring families have adopted different forms of measurement and currency. For centuries the peoples of Duzahk registered the notion of leagues, where as several families preferred an age old term known as “star-league”. Whatever the term; whatever the length; it was all easily debatable to the Blood in their ongoing bickering that filtered throughout Avalonic space. At the core of this reform was an early system known created by the Aken Dynasty which they dubbed bluntly, “Imperial Measurements” or in High Avalonic “Mesures Emperiales”, was the foundation of all forms of measure found across the Triad. From units of weight to the heat or lack thereof of space, the Measures Emperiales acted as a foundation within the bounds of the Aken Star Empire. However, upon the fall of the Dynasty and the rise of the Warring States disunity quickly spread among the aristocratic clans of the Nobility.

It was not until the Artur Dynasty years later that the Mesures Emperiales were adopted once again. Part of the Caímdáth-t’Ortaor written by Empress Gwyn included the resurrection of the Mesures Emperiales. Many Houses reacted in near rebellion to the requirements and it was only the power of the Guilds who actively prevented further defiance.


An Overview of Imperial Measurements

  • Livre – The standard measurement of weight in the Triad (roughly the same of a kilogram or 2.2 pounds), a livre can be divided in a hundred centilivres or one thousand livres can combine into a kilolivre.
  • Mevre –  The standard of length and distance in the Triad (roughly the same as a meter or 3.4 feet) which can then combine a thousand times into a klick or be divided into one hundred centimevres.
  • Minre – The basis of volume (measures out roughly to  0.264 gallons) and can be divided into on hundred centiminres or a thousand combined into a kilominre.
  • Starfire – The standard of heat and temperature measurement in the Triad it was developed by the Artificer’s Guild in the latter half of  the Second Dynasty. It begins at 0 Stf (absolute zero) increases upward (there are no negatives).
  • Parsek – A length one billion klicks and the standard direct distanced measured in travel.
  • Quadrant – The cubic distance of two parseks (roughly equivalent to 1e+27 cubic klicks) and used as a basis for the Spatial Positioning System in space.


Conversion Rates for the Imperial System to Mortal Standards

As the Mesures Emperiale does not exist in the world of mortals (that of Agaera) here are a series of simple conversion rates for those interested:

  • 1 livre = 1 kilo = 2.2 pounds or # Livres = # Kilos = X(2.2) Pounds.
    • 1 centilivre = 10 grams = 0.35274 ounces or # Centilivres = X(10) Grams = X(0.35274) Ounces.
  • 1 mevre = 1 meter = 3.4 feet or # Mevres = # Meters = X(3.4) Feet.
    • 1 centimevres = 1 centimeter = 0.393701 or # Centimevres = # Centimeters = X(0.393701) Inches.
  • 1 minre = 1 liter = 0.264 gallons or # Minre = # Liters = X(0.264) Gallons.
    • 1 centiminres = 10 milliliters = 0.033814 Fl Oz or # Centinminres = X(10) Milliliters = X(0.033814) Fl Oz.
  • 1 Starfire = 1 Kelvin = -272.15 C = -457.87 or # Stafire = # Kelvin = X C is K-273.15 = X F is K(9/5)-459.67.