What the Sierd Avalonic Mecha? Part 1


What the Sierd Avalonic Mecha? Part 1

“Master works of power, and the playthings of self-proclaimed Kings and Queens.”

Mecha were developed in the ending years of the Second Expansion Era by members of the secretive scientists and smiths of Excalibur Station. However, these were only the first Faerin models, with earlier variants appearing under the direct control Gwagaruh. The Eoten first appeared after the Void War as a new terrifying weapon against the citizens of the Avalon Cluster. In response the Faeru eventually reverse engineered the technology of downed Eoten to create the first Chevaliers. These grand war machines eventually caused a massive shift in Avalonic culture over the years to come.

Mishaps in the design of early Mecha derived many problems and discoveries. First was the inability that unless an individual was especially strong in mental endurance two-pilots were required to pilot the machines. With the need of mental fortitude came the reawakening of the Soulgiven race, and even new additions to their species. Their new place in the Imperial order meant that they had to be bonded with someone, and it was found that Genics were an apt match. All of these new discoveries upset the makeup of Imperial society. The new Errant class emerged and war became even more of a ritual than it was before.


What Are Mecha?

Most Mecha found in the Triad are created and maintained by the Wrights Guild, a powerful member of the modern day inter-House corporations that run Avalonic industry. All forms of maintenance, construction and even decoration are controlled by the guild itself. This means everyone that works on mecha from lowly painters to high ranking designers are guildsfolk, and only they are certified to work on the Mecha themselves.

The name Mecha is widespread throughout the Avalonic cluster and is a catchall term applied to all large Faerinoid shaped battle machines. This term however is not applied to personalized exoskeleton armor or “Carapace Armor” that is worn by souldiers. Mech on average several mevres (metres) tall and host several complex technologies that make up their internal and external workings. The origin of the term, Mecha, is highly debatable with some guildsfolk claiming it comes from the label “Mechanized Battle Form” or one of the Faeru’s beloved acronyms.


Differences and Configurations

Mecha are comprised a mixture of psionic, nano, bio-technological, and synthetic technologies. All of these systems are carefully built layer upon layer to create the near sentient battle machines that have become the mainstay of ritual war in the Avalon Cluster. Mecha stand out compared to other war machines in their ability, their ability to use different tools in combat, and act in both space and atmospheric conditions. “Walkers” or legged armored vehicles do exist, and often make up the bullwark of the war vehicles found in atmospheric defense forces. However, these do not have the ability to self-repair, the increased dexterity, or high reaction time of Mecha.

Multiple models and designs for Mecha battle forms exist across the numerous worlds, colonies and regions of the Avalon Cluster. Because of the ever increasing level of difference, and outright division of the machines, the Wrights Guild created three primary configurations to categorize them. First are the single pilot configuration, only Eoten machines are currently known to require only one person. Their creation other than ones dissected after battle is a mystery to Wright scientists. The second configuration is the most common, that being the dual piloting system. Two primary Mecha classifications currently apply this style; the most common being the Chevalier Mecha found throughout the Triad and North Reaches; next are the Wak’a machines of the invading Itsuyo Kingship.

A final configuration does exist and this is the trio pilot form, and so far no known civilization has been able to make effective. Some scientists have experimented and found the design clunky and far less efficient than the standard dual pilot system.



Outside of configuration the core means of classifying Mecha are its classification. This system is quire simple and is taken from basic infantry terminology. These two varieties are: light Mecha who are built for speed and maneuverability; heavy are designed primarily for powerful offensive power and durability in combat. Other than the basic model classifications there are several “Mecha” types found across the Avalon Cluster:

  • Eoten – Their name means “Giant” in the Hollow Tongue, and they are perhaps one of the most feared weapons found in the entire Avalon Cluster. Piloted by the horrible Dwola strain, the Eoten appear as massive chitin armored faerinoids. Their eyes burn with a hateful light, and they wail the sound of a thousand dying soldiers. Their bodies are said to bleed when hit, and rapidly heal in combat.
  • Chevalier – Created from reversed engineered Eoten technology the Chevaliers have become the mainstay in defending against the Gwarish incursions. Appearing on the battlefield as armored figures, they wield various weapons and have powerful technologies to bring to the fore in war. Chevaliers are considered masterworks by the Wrights Guild and many stay within families for decades if not centuries.
  • Wak’a – The result of stolen technology from the Wrights Guild, Wak’a are integral to the Unification of the Four Corners under the Itzkachana religion. Piloted by the Knights of Balaam, Wak’a are said to possess many strange powers no other Mecha are capable of.