What the Sierd? “Introduction”


What the Sierd? “Introduction”

The Land in the Stars is perhaps one of my most epic projects to date. Covering a multitude of planets, peoples, and ideologies there is only so much that can be compiled into one article. So without further adieu let me introduce, “What the Sierd”. (Which for specific groups will be Who the Sierd).

Sierd is a word in the Triad which roughly means “fuck”. Yup, that and its lesser curse word “Fai” are common curse words tossed around (with Sket which means shit) by the more vulgar members of the Avalon Cluster.

Land in the Stars mixes elements of fantasy, and sci-fi to create a mythic feeling of feudal war with gigantic mechs. Scary monsters lurk in the darkness that mix the fears of your favorite xenomorphs with humanoid vampires. Toss in elemental mutants, and undead scholars to create the five races.


A Quick Overview

There are four major regions found within the Avalon Cluster. The first is the Triad; composed of the three core ‘civilized’ systems of Throne, Rook and Sentinel. Surrounded by a thick almost artificial asteroid belt known as the Border and Outer Marches (a home of space faring Corsairs). Then to the astrographical north is the simply named North Reaches. A wild untamed series of independent states, and kingships. Often the North is attacked by roving bands of murderous mutant aliens known as the Voidkin.

The south of the Triad is aptly named “the Southern Reaches” (yup the Faeru name things bluntly), and is home to more stable independent states that highly dislike the “Civilized Triad”. Far in the Reaches lies the Monastic binary system of Spire.


There are Five Races

The five races of the Triad (not including NPC mob types and mutations):

  • Faeru – Imperialist and fracticious “Lords of the Stars”
  • Soulgiven – The manmade living machines who once rebelled, and now serve the Faeru.
  • Gwagaruh – Monstrous creatures who can hide their internal alien nature.
  • Arashii – Undying reanimated scholars who serve as the primary scholars, teachers, and philosophers of the Avalon Cluster.
  • Helogav – Elemental mutants who combat a horrible disease to stay alive.