What the Sierd is Avalonic Technology? Part 2


What the Sierd is Avalonic Technology? Part 2

“We hold the power of the gods, a frightening revelation.”

-Cyrus the Elder, Scholar of Duzahk

We return to discuss the complexities of Avalonic Technology, and the various applications which can be used found throughout the Avalon Cluster. Previously we discussed the expansion of Propulsion, Created Intelligence, and Cybernetic invention. This week we pick up with more topics about the unique technologies created by the peoples of the Avalon Cluster:



Many aspects of Land in the Stars take directly from the Biopunk genre. This is done however not directly via genetic engineering necessarily, but the mass production of synthetic body parts, and the mastery of complex nano-technologies. The power of biotechnology can thus create new bodies for the ill, cure disease, and heal grave injuries with careful application. And yet, these technologies are not open to all. They are jealously controlled (and guarded) by members of the neo-mega-corporations known simply as the “Guilds”. Most biological technology relating to health is classified under the Neo-Alchemical discipline controlled by the Alchemists Guild, and cybernetic technology is in turn monopolized by the Meisters Guild (who also create the Soulgiven).

Medicinal applications of bio-tech are varied and numerous. One of the most basic being a combination of salves and nanotechnology to half the time it takes heal basic wounds. Clone plasma is quite common and incredibly heinous damage can be fixed with cloned organs while complex surgeries can be completed in complex devices known as CyCoffins.


Terraforming and Subsistence Technologies

There is an old saying found across the Triad “The Land makes ups who we are.” Its an old meaning that derives from the early days of the First Expansion Era, and is still heavily applied in modern eras.  Many years ago the Faeru and the Arashii developed advanced technology that allowed them to engineer entire species for specific planets. Why recreate the plan’s environment, when you could tailor create the entire ecology? This prevailing idea is a reason why it is more common for food to be provided by specialized “Agri-Colonies” or orbiting stations designed to grow food en mass.

Most planting and harvesting is conducted by remotely controlled workers known as “SynthDrones” who are able to gather the food in a quick manner and prepare it for shipping. Smaller population centers are often rely then on the food produced by their own farmers, and usually subsist of localized farming. SynthDrones can also be used to monitor and direct the weather and helps farmers to produce the highest yields possible.