What the Sierd is Avalonic Technology? Part 3


What the Sierd is Avalonic Technology? Part 3

“To know war, is to truly live.”

-Ice-Razor proverb

The Ice-Razor School has a simple proverb, “To know war, is to truly live. To know peace, is to await death.” A saying that epitomizes the near constant state of war that has existed since the First Expansion Era. Even when the Faeru were at peace they reveled in games of chance, and pitted their lives in timely duels. In the Three Systems Era combat has become the norm. Various forms of weaponry to commit the act of war.

On the other hand there is a desire just as much for luxury as there are for battle. Many forms of entertainment have evolved across the entire Triad. Complex forms include Holo-Casts which can be watched over private Virtual Networks, or on Personal Network Displays. More complex forms include Holo-Games experienced via special allow people to inject their mental selves into the SysNet itself.


The Weapons of War

The armament given to the warriors of the Triad and beyond are complex, exotic, and outright terrifying to behold. Chief among them are the massive robo-biotechnological masterpieces known as Mecha. These large humanoid mechnoids are piloted by a slect few known as Errants who are capable of mastering the neural load of controlling the grand machines. Singing weapons are high vibrating weapons which allow the user to cut through most material except for special armor and other singing weapons. The weapons are named for the loud constant wailing sound they emit when used. Shokk Weapons are guns and items that discharge paralyzing amounts of energy toward the target. Meanwhile gauss weapons shoot high speed needles at their target and have incredible armor penetration. A final option for general projectile weapon is the pulse bow; a bowed weapon which can shoot blasts of energy or super-sonic arrows or bolts toward their target.

More complicated weapons include nano-weapons (usually only used by individuals known as nano-slingers) and Meta weapons or even Soul Singers. All of these weapons are often regulated and only utilized by specific occupations and classes of the Estates General. Only Errants are permitted to wield Soul Singers, and only Imperial Adjutants are allowed (within the Triad) to use Meta Weapons. Nano weapons are in turn restricted to members of various guilds, and to the Arashia who produce them.

Armed forces within the Triad are often split between Atmospheric Defense Forces (ADF) and Naval Defense Forces (NDF). Atmospheric forces focus primarily on ground, air and ocean based naval power. They include technical ships for bodies of water, large walkers or tanks for ground combat, and armored infantry when necessary. Naval Defense Forces in turn are regulated (like most massive armament in the Triad) by the Sovereign Lords. Most large capital ships are created and then noted to keep track of the balance of power among the various Houses. Smaller craft are often not wholly registered, and sometimes are used at an advantage in space battles.



Luxury inside the Avalon Cluster is highly sought after and enjoyed. Multiple avenues exist from advanced sports (blood and bloodless) to complicated stories found in holo-casts and in recorded books. The vastly different forms of entertainment of course come to differ between the various members of the Estates General. Holo-Games are quite popular and are often marketed as a means to live ones fantasies without fear of consequence or repercussion. Some Holo-Games which are used for war training and for military strategy (often regulated to members of a House Guard). Net-Games (a lesser non directly interactive experience) played by non-majority holding noble lordlings as a means of competing with rival families across the SysNet.

Holo-Casts are one of the more popular form of watched entertainment with the historical dramatic genre, Sheanhaera, being the most popular. Sheanhaosh politically bound stories that tell the epics of the previous Dynasties and the wars they fought. Localized version are often edited, and censored to give favor to the regional ruling family, and at times is used a propaganda tool to control the common masses.

The written and typed word are another product to be devoured for entertainment by the masses. Old styled bound books re quite rare however, and generally are kept by nobility with the money to acquire them. Entire books are uploaded along with smart kin that allows users to read almost anything from the SysNet. However, one’s personal choice in reading is considered incredibly personal.