What the Sierd is Meta?


What the Sierd is Meta?

“We serve the Empire with distinction and honor.”

The will of the Empire can at times require great sacrifice and on pushing aside prejudice to accomplish something. Meta, a rare form of Tek, allows for the modification of Soulgiven and gifts them with the ability to draw Psi energy from internalized batteries found inside their body. Those granted such power are the “Imperial Adjutants” agents at the beck and call of agents of the Empire.

To be modified into an Adjutant a Soulgiven must undergo extensive surgery which implants strange semi-organic modules into their body. Entire sections of their original selves removed so they can access the arcane powers of Psi.


The Psi-Frames

The different configurations required to create the powers of an Adjutant have of course been designed to fix the three Arts of Psi. The decision itself is actually made through the testing of each Adjutant candidate after initial surgeries to modify them. At the base of their power lies a special program, the Gensis Code, which connects their mind to their newly endowed powers. After surgery, the individual is tested to along an assortment of parameters to then assign them to their new Psi-Frame.

The Genesis Code is said to “Sing” to Adjutants and by listening to the song they are able to feel the growing power crackle inside their body. Once the song is heard an Adjutant a sound of lightning only they can heard around them as a choir of power. It is here that they must direct the gathered energy or face the possible energy feedback which can result. The aftermath leaves a rough Psi-Field which can easily be sensed by other Genics. Non-Genics can become “stained” by the rampant energy and even paralyzed if not careful.


Meta Powers

Adjutants like other Tek-Wielders are capable of accessing powers unique their method of Psi access. Only an Imperial Agent of the Empire can Defrag an enemies attack or Sap energy from an assailant.

  • Defragment – The Adjutant grasps the Song of the Genesis Code and for a moment can either disperse or redirect an oncoming Psi energy form. They can even shut down an enemies power for short periods of time. Exhaustive use of Defragment can, however, have serious costs on the user and requires time to reuse.
  • Sapping – By directly touching or physical contacting a powers an Adjutant through imagining an image of drawing liquid or substance can steal a portion of an enemies Psi energy (as long as they can maintain the mental image).