What the Sierd is Stem Tek? Part 1


What the Sierd is Stem Tek? Part 1

“The power of Psi surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds all as one.”

-Old Errant Proverb.

The power of Proto-Synergetic Induction is one that only a limited few in the Triad are able to command. Individuals who can command the power of Psi energy are known as “Genics” and are a rare few often considered living weapons in the constant warring between the Noble Houses. However, a Genic has limited powers without something more, as special series of cybernetic implants known as Techno-Energetic Kinesis technology or Tek. Without Tek implant a Psi user is unable to warp the reality of space and time, and is only able to cause minor telekinetic movements.

Three primary forms of Tek exist across Known Space, Stem Tek, Warp-Tek, and Meta. All three forms descend from Warp-Tek as the original cybernet / organic technology created by the Gwagaruh. Stem Tek however is the most common, and is utilized by all Errants, and even the warriors of Itzkachana. Stem Tek’s origins was found in reverse engineering the technology of the Gwagaruh, and combining it with the knowledge of the Knights Imperial. From that union was born the modern technologies that form the foundation of Stem Tek.


Stem Tek and the Grimoire

Like all forms of Tek, Stem relies upon the connections formed via small circular implants found in the wrists, ankles, neck and at the base of the spine. Via training that teaches discipline, focus and control these implants allow a user to magnify the Psi energy within them. Limitations however are placed upon these implants with there being three known “configurations” that lead to the different forms of Tek ability used across the Triad. These being the powers of Thaumaturgy, Tarot and Invocation. For Stem Tek practitioners the configuration is called one’s GRIMORE named for age old spells books.

What determines the GRIMOIRE a person gains is mixture of results. Those with a higher acuity for language and computation are designated as future Theurges; candidates with high muscle control and dexterity are often tagged as Deck users; while those with self-control and agility are marked to become future Riven.


Stages of Psi Usage

The power to hold and emit abilities of Psi energy can be broken down into three primary steps:

  1. The user must mentally grasp the energy within them and pool it within their “well”. Without a pooled well a user cannot activate or utilized their abilities. One of the biggest weaknesses of Stem Tek is the requirement to actively maintain a well of power to use. However, holding onto power also has its setbacks. When a Tek practioner holds onto their well for too long they face a “Psi-block” a problem which can prevent Psi access for days.
  2. Next is igniting the well which is done by activating a powerful emotional response and draining the well to be used for a given ability. Errants often keep a set of memories to use for their emotional usage (often called a menagerie) as a core usage for their ignition material.
  3. Once the power is ignited then the user channels the abilities through their implants via the method of their Grimoire Application. A Theurge will use their sigils to formulate their chosen cascades; a Champion can wield the energy through their Deck; and a Riven through their chosen leynes.