What the Sierd is Stem-Tek?


What the Sierd is Stem-Tek?

“The power of Psi surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds all as one.”

-Old Errant Proverb.

Proto-Synergetic Induction allows a user to manipulate the nascent energy unlocked through the Genic Gene, however, only those with proper training can actually access this power. Genics who are founded and trained as Errants eventually undergo a lengthy surgery to install a series of small disc-shaped implants in their limbs, and at the base of their neck. These implants form the basis of “Stem-Tek” which creates the basic foundation of what then gives the user a basis of power known as a “GRIMOIRE” application. Each application then connects to one of the three known Arts of Psi (Thaumaturgy, Tarot and Invocation) and give the users a different means of connecting to their art.


The Grimoire

Named for ancient an ancient Book of Spells, the Grimoire directs how a user directs their power while Stem-Tek itself decides how the power is accessed by the Genic in question. Each candidate is tested before they are implanted to determine their future GRIMOIRE. Those with higher scholarly aptitude are tagged to become Theurges while those who have greater martial acuity are earmarked to be trained as Taruspex.

To being using their power the Errant must Grasp the Grimoire, this is how the teachers describe to students how to pool the energy that is found throughout their body. Grasping allows the user to formulate the “well” the collected resource they will call upon when using their powers. Then a user must a strong emotion to ignite the well making the complacent energy active so they can draw from the pool they’ve created. Most errants maintain a series of memories they can call upon to create these emotions dubbed their “menagerie” as a compilation of hard emotions an Errant can use.

Once a user releases the Psi the air around them fills with a static feeling. The field itself is the only way that a non-Genic can sense the passage of Psi energy when it is not actively being used.


Stem-Tek Powers

There are two key abilities gifted to all Stem-Tek users and are accessible across the three GRIMOIRE applications. These abilities deal directly with how a user views and experiences an opponents or allies Psi-Field.

  • Tasting – This power gives the user the ability to sense the general Discipline of Psi they face. The sense itself will appear as a taste in their mouth, a burning feeling at their back or even the smell of fruit. Each Errant has their own collection of senses and categorizes them respectively.
  • Color – The three GRIMOIRES and the three Arts of Psi all have a unique “Color” set that is often associated with them. The known colors are Red and Orange for Theurges; Blue, Indigo and Violet for Champions; and Yellow, Gold and Bronze for Riven. Colors are only visible when a Psi users well is ignited and only when they are actively using their powers while appearing as a minor hazed aura around their form.