What the Sierd is Tek?


What the Sierd is Tek?

The Knights Imperial could unleash the power of lightning, fire and the spirits of the dead. Such terrible and wonderful powers now reside in today’s Errants, Star-Gods have mercy upon us all.

-Cyrus the Elder, Scholar of Duzahk

The Imperial Archives tell stories of Genics who would training and strange archaic surgery could wield power that the gods themselves were said to possess. The ability to shift gravity, and summon spirits from the SysNet to engage in battle for their masters. All of these abilities are made possible by the existence of strange little implants known as Stem Tek, or the most common found form of an eerie technology known as Techno-Energetic Kinesis. A technology who was re-engineered by the Faeru preceding the Void War. Other forms of Tek include Warp-Tek which is wielded by the Gwagaruh and appears as a series of strange insect-like parasites along their spine and shoulders.

Tek implants often appear as small metallic strips found  near the neck, hands, and joints in general. Most are inconspicuous to the untrained eye, and an Errant can often hide in plain sight when not wielding the signature weapon of the warrior class, the Soul Singer (a sonic blade capable of channeling Psi energy). The only other known form of Tek is Meta, an obscure power manifested by the Imperial Adjutants, an order of Soulgiven. Little is known about the Adjutants, only that they served at the beck and call of Emperors of old, and are said to defend the Ancestor Throne with undying obedience.


Forms of Tek

Stem Tek comes in three major forms each known as a Grimoire Application, or a internal configuration that allows for a specific usage of Tek abilities. One of these is Thaumaturgy the ability to manipulate Psi energy in the form of powerful spell-like effects known as Cascades by programming the powers via an archaic programming language known as Glyphs. The users of Thaumatury are known as Theurges and are colloquially called Magi among the lesser dregs of the Avalon Cluster. Theurges are often visualized as wearing hooded robes, and wielding powerful cyber-laced staffs in combat. Second among the three Grimoire Applications is Invocation, a complicated form of Tek usage combining martial arts with Psi abilities known as Auras. This effectively renders the user, known as a Riven, capable of directing Psi powers with their own body. These abilities are accomplished through sensitive implants found on the hands, legs and feet called Leynes.

The final and probably the most prolific form of Tek is Tarot, a strangely named ability for its usage of special made weapons known as Decks. Most Soulsingers wielded by Errants are often Decks, weapons provided that can be used to direct, and fling bursts of Psi energy known as Charges.



The powers of Tek are not all powerful and have their limitations. The powers of Psi cannot be used to heal wounds; regenerate lost limbs; to read the minds of others; or control minds either. It can however allow the user to manipulate the elements of the universe such as gravity, fire, water, ice, and electricity. The power to draw the energy of Psi can do great and frightful things. In the hands of an ill minded Errant Tek can be used to kill hundreds, to destroy entire colonies, but like all things it has a cost. The ability to pull Psi energy draws upon the limits of the body. To pull to much energy all at once; draining energy using too many abilities over time; or simply getting an implant damage can result in a condition known as Psi-Burn.

Psi-Burn is a bone fatigue that causes a loss of mental acuity, physical locomotion, and bodily stamina. A Tek user can often tell they are about to enter Psi-Burn through a painful ebbing that begins in the extremities, this is called Chilling. Many foolhardy Errants have attempted to go beyond their limits, only to be slain in battle by those who more carefully managed their energy consumption.


What Tek Can Do

The powers or abilities of Tek are assembled into a grouping of three Psi Disciplines which act as Categories for a greater list of powers that a Errant can place at their finger tips. Elementalism gives the user the ability to manipulate not only the mythical four elements of fire, wind and water; but also electricity, kinetic force, and even gravity! The second ability is Incantation which focuses on the usage of external technological applications called Regents which allow the user to summon physical energy Barriers, or to summon spirits from cyberspace to do combat at the users command. The final Psi Ability is known as Augury and gifts the user with the option to either grasp the power to control Technology with a mere touch, or to create illusions to fool foe and mark alike when they so desire.