What the Sierd is the Second Expansion Era?


What the Sierd is the Second Expansion Era?

We shall have the grand feeding grounds, which you call the Triad.

-Tlaloc, Progenitor of the Voidkin

Many of the great histories of Star-Crown would say that the Second Imperial Era was a true Golden Age, a time of colonization and advancement. What they fail to mention that it was a time of war, tyrants, and general invasion. As with most aspects of Avalonic History, the great Star-Archives often focus upon the grand achievements. What many will say is that the Second Expansion Era was a time of dark fear, and the end of years of Gwarish secrecy.


The Reconquest

The Void War was fought between the might of the Grand Army of the Stars, and the Knights Imperial against the tide of the Voidkin. If it were not for the brave actions of both forces the Voidkin would have never been unearthed. However, the early parts of the war were nothing more than an ongoing rout. The increased strength and dexterity of the Gwagaruh plus their mystical Warp-Tek abilities made them a truly dangerous enemy to face in combat. In fact, it if were not at all for the Grim Light incident it would have all fallen to sket.  The Second Expansion Era opens with the courageous Battle of the Line as the Marches are crossed en mass by the Voidkin as the enemy Kindred sparks a horrible plague which comes to ravage the entire Triad.

A second Battle occurs and is named the Nine Fingers as nine great battle hardened regiments are launched upon a mixture of Jade Dragon Swordsman and Knights Imperial positions. The Swordsman hold their own and become the first in history to single handedly slaughter the Voidkin in battle. Years later in 3,113 SF the war comes to a stalemate as the “Clan Chiefs” of the Voidkin bicker amongst themselves. That same year the Grimlight Incident which sees several ranking Voidkin capture and revelations on Gwarish reproduction. The Incidient also sees the introduction of Palldium Weapons in the war which quickly prove efficient in ending the Voidkin’s ferocious physical advantages.

The Grand Army is given further advantage as the Carapace Power army is invented which makes the physical increases of the enemy all for naught. The war however would take several more years until the last Witchman Chief is slain in the Battle of the Final Hymn on Raoharenga. Even with their initial defeat the Voidkin threat is far from ended, and the House Senate raises several new “Marcher Houses” to defend the border of Triad space against further infestations.


The Interim

The middle years of the Second Expansion Era are what give it the name, the Interregnum. The time of interim rule by the House Senate that occurred as the Houses become use to ruling without an Emperor. However as with the problems with War the Houses find themselves split into various political factions. These trends would remain even after the coming of the Third Dynasty. With the end of the War however they were far more interested in cementing their own power. This attitude was so prevalent that it resulted in the remaining High Generals of the Grand Army of the Stars being targeted as enemies as soon as the Void War ended. In turn the surviving military fled deep into the Marches to found what many know now as the Exiled Blood in the secretive colony of Excalibur Station.

Under the guidance of the Anwnwyr Prophet, Myrddin, the Exiled Blood would come to forge vastly new technologies of blade and plasteel. Weapons that would reawaken the Soulgiven people, and create the grandest weapon of the Avalonic peoples.


The Rise of Mecha.

War would forever be changed in the coming years of the Interregnum. The aftermath of the war would see the coming of the so-called “Shadow Crusades” against the newly forming Deuxist Church by the Silver Creed. The Techno-Religions unite under the newly self proclaimed prophet calling themself the Deux and thus the Silver Seer fears an insurrection against his rule (already the Creed faces division by the Controvert rebels). As the Mercurial Brotherhood assassin’s hunt the path of the Deuxians the Marchers spread stories of strange man-like figures appearing in space. These monsters would be revealed to be the Eoten, monstrous man-like entities which are piloted by a witchman warrior who can then use the agility of the weapon to destroy ships before they can even respond.

New terror thus descended upon the triad as years of light were plunged back into darkness. Only the leadership of great Lords and Ladies would end what many named the Dark Years. It was Trystan oc Artur, a backwater Noble from Anwn who would revealed his secretive alliance with the Exiled Blood by unveiling the Gawain Model Chevalier and his partner, a Soulgiven named Rhiannon. The astonished nobles are only held back by the promise of their own mecha weapons and soon agree (resentfully) to partner their own who pass a special genetic test to prove they are capable of piloting the great machines.

The newly ordained warrior Errants of the Triad united along with the Knights Imperial once again push back the enemies of the Star Empire. Under the direction of Trystan oc Artur, a lightning offensive is taken against the Voidkin Horde as battle is joined with vigor! Yet, Trystan’s skills would prove useless against the black colored Eoten piloted by the maniac warlord, Redwald the Black. He is able to however return his half-damaged Chevalier to his daughter, Gwyn.

In the aftermath o the battle, Gwyn oc Artur speeds to the capital of Star-Crown and physically breaks its defenses. In a move of pure audacity she seizes the Ancestor Throne and declares herself the one true Warrior-Queen of the Avalon Star Empire.