What the Sierd is the Shattered Era?


What the Sierd is the Shattered Era?

We war with ourselves, like a cancer it grows, till we shall all die with impunity.

-Alcaen Philosopher, Robert du LeFaye

The opening of the Shattered Era began with the fulfillment of the creation of Synethic Life, the eventual rebellion of the Homunculi against the Faeru. The wars that preceded the rebellion itself would lead to the complete destabilization of the entire Imperial Society and the death of the Imperial House. Almost all surviving members of House Aken were immediately intermixed and married off to the remaining members of the Mega-Corp families (now calling themselves the Noble Houses). Any sense of the former government of the pre-Imperial Period was dashed as neo-feudalism is re-established to organize during the war.


The Homunculi Wars

The Wars of the Homunculi resulted from the long imposed sense of enslavement and mistreatment at the hand of the ruling Faerin families. Eventually several members of the Free Synthetic movement were able to commandeer a series of ships and then proceeded to raid the eastern sectors of Throne. Eventually the Rook System would become a battlefield as the two sides batter each other for years. War itself would become a constant for years until a ongoing cold war was established. For a period of time of sixty years that would only end when the Homunculi attack the central holdings of the United House Forces in 2,373 SF as they defend the Walker’s Expanse.

Afterward the Houses would bear no quarter as they begin the methodical extermination of all active Homunculi they could locate. Called the Machine Genocide, this action would only for a time prolong the war until the invention of the data bomb by House Orisai. An advanced mixture of EMP and viral coding.

When the Wars themselves drew to an end the entire Soulgiven race was rendered almost completely extinct. Only a few select stragglers were able to remain deep in space; in select few areas the Soulgiven survive or simply floated in space deactivated.


The Blood Declaration and the Scarab

The death of the Aken Dynasty heralded a power vacuum not seen since the end of the Twin Immortal Dynasties of the Hermids and the Osirids. In the end the most powerful factions of central Throne: the Imperial Bureaucracy, Imperial Guard, and various economical factions joined to sign what comes to be known as the “Blood Declaration”. Through selective marrying of given heirs of the House of Aken to other powerful dignitaries the “Blood” or the Nobility is established as the leading social class across the settle places of the Triad.

The “Noble Houses” of the Faeru would formulate into a rough ruling body (the basis of the Dhuall Sénann) in what will eventually evolve into the House Senate. As the Nobles formulate their organization for the future the Arashic people evolve out of an ancient cult of the dead on Aru. After discovering the work of “Return-Walking”. Eventually when they discovered the capabilities of resurrection the followers of the project eventually came to form the basis of the Anapa Cabal. In time as their process was refined the Arashia were birth from a turbulent history of trial and Era. Meanwhile the Nobles see the advent of the Homunculi War’s end to set precedent by election Yarsil of House Ulgan to the rule thus ending the Era of Warring Staes and beginning the Second Imperial Dynasty.