What the Sierd….? Land in the Stars History Overview


What the Sierd….? Land in the Stars History Overview

History paints itself across all lives, and forms a painting few ever notice.

~Alcaeist Parable

The history of the Land in the Stars is formulated by the powers that held the pen to write it. Throughout the history of the Avalon Cluster treachery, politics, war, and intrigue have been the mainstay of the elite. Empires were formed by generals, by bickering nobles, or by Kings with grand ideas. In any case was a notion created by those who seized it and their actions have continued to plague their descendants to this day.


The Star-Fall Reckoning

The calendar of reckoning for the Avalon Cluster (one of three) begins in the time of “Star-Fall” when the colonists from the old home of Altear through the World’s Gate. The other known calendars include the Blood Reckoning from when the Noble Houses mark their existence; After Deux when the Deuxian faithful mark the death of their beloved prophet, and the Jade Era the reckoning used by the Jade Dragon School of Yomi. All of these competing calendars used the Standard Cycle (or year) to record the passage of time. A Standard Cycle roughly created from the average between the orbits of the Throne Worlds.

The passage of time of course is a messy affair, and periods of time are often construed by the acts of tyrants or great folk doing great things. Imperial Scholar’s however love their organization, and the need to formalize led to the creation of the “Eras” of history. From the foundation of the entirety of Civilization to the three Imperial Dynasties. The history of the Land in the Stars is one of war, blood, and betrayal. One that has led to ongoing troubles in Modern Eras, and the evolution of the ritualized war of the Sovereign Game.


The Eras of History

Many periods of time have come and gone. Times of war, revolution, and grand revelation. Periods in which millions died, and others were devoured by alien disease. The grand Star-Archives remember all, and have kept the story of it alive for future generations. Of course bias, and disagreement are readily available in the annals of history. But still, most “important” events have been recorded by the Imperial Bureaucracy.

  • The Founder’s Era | 0 to 1,205 SF – The rise of civilization on the worlds of Throne, and the establishment of many of the woes of the modern world. Era ends with the advent of space travel and the unification of Elys and Aru into one unified government.
  • The First Expansion Era | 1,206 to 1,739 SF – Mega-Corporations and space colonialism mark the first great migration into space in the Throne System. However, animosity would divide the rule of the Worlds and their newly founded colonies which would erupt into the First Systems War. When the war ended the Corporations would rise as the future of nobility, and a lone general would proclaim himself Emperor.
  • The First Imperial Era | 1,740 to 2,237 SF – The establishment of the various Ancestor Faiths, and the foundation of of Neo-Feudalism quickly spread under the Aken dynasty. Technology pushes forward as the invention of Synthetic life. Of course as Synthetics expanded in intelligence they soon came to desire freedom, and the establishment of the Freedom Synthesis movement began.
  • The Shattered Era | 2,238 to 2,527 SF – The end of the Aken Dynasty leads to an era of Warring States, and the rise of war with the Synthetic Homunculi. The Shattered Era would mark the beginning of the House Senate, and end as the nobility elect the puppet, Ulgan Dynasty to rule the Triad.
  • The Second Imperial Era | 2,528 to 3,107 SF – Yarsil Ulgan took the Ancestor throne to become the first Emperor of the Ulgan Dynasty. The dynastic power of House Ulgan would be challenged again and again as the puppet Emperors would choke at the chain set for them by the Nobles of the House Senate. Near the end of the Era, the enigmatic alien Voidkin would unleash a horrendous genocide agains the Triad, as the second Imperial line came crashing down.
  • The Second Expansion Era | 3,108 to 3,610 SF – The Second Expansion Era began with the end of the Void War s the united forces of the Nobility steadily reconquer their lost lands. Once peace comes to the Avalon Cluster the rise of Techno-Religious organizations would push for recognition in the Traid. Reaction to the new beliefs would only lead to silent bloodshed as assassins dueled in the shadows.
  • The Third Imperial Era | 3,611 to 3,770 SF – The Artur Dynasty would the greatest impact upon Imperial Society for generations. Under their founder Gwyn oc Artur and later Emperors the power of the Nobility and the Faiths would be finally limited. Under the young Emperor, Llewyn, the Arturs would oversee the Reconquest of the North. However, the Voidkin would return the favor under the direction of the monstrous Void-King. In the preceding Battle of Camlon the Third Imperial Dynasty ended.