What the Sierd of the Third Imperial Era?


What the Sierd of the Third Imperial Era?

Trystan’s sacrifice is on my soul, his blood is on arms, his voice is on my lips, and his desire in my heart.

-Gwyn oc Artur, Warrior-Queen of Avalon

The Third Imperial Era opens in a time of upheaval as the death of Trystan oc Artur catapults the once backwater family of Artur to power when his daughter seizes the Ancestor Throne. Her actions would initially be only done in as a means to quell the factions ready to tear up her father’s legacy. Gwyn’s first acts are those of reform as she moves to conduct a series of acts which will remake the entire House Senate in her image.


The Reforms Begin

Gilbert, lover of Gwyn, pen’s the “Societal Order” as a treatise on the hierarchical nature of the Faeru and the culture they have created for the Imperial Society. The Warrior-Queen’s first major decision is the passage of the Genic Decree which allows will lead to the specialized breeding and taking of all known Genics in a given reason as a means of bolstering the rising Errant “pilot” class. This act in of itself results in many Soulgiven pushing for increased rights as they are pressed into service alongside their pilots to help to defend against enroachments by the Voidkin.

Gwyn’s next great act is the Bloodmark requirement given to all Noble Houses. This new nanite technology brands a unique mark upon all accepted “blood noble” members. Bloodmarks will lead to the increasingly eccentric nature of the Nobility as even the Arashia come to adopt branding and body modification as a means of identification. Many chafe under Gwyn’s power as she finally names herself “Empress of Avalon” in the year 3,626 SF. As her power rises, the Nobles become even incensed as their power is eroded. While the Empress expands the Tower of Memories on Tatara to create a memorial to the Heroes of the Empire her husband, Gilbert, is assassinated when training young Chevalier pilots. Many blame Neo-Freedom Synthetics. Yet, Gwyn is quick to lay blame.

Not long afterward, Lord Galen of House Athenes steals many Chevaliers and their respective bound Soulgiven. The poor Synthetics are then brutally executed by the man as he defies their expanded rights in an act of rebellion. The man is later captured physically and beheaded by the Empress personally. After losing her husband the Empress began further series of reforms that would see the dissolution of all non-Imperial Military forces (including the Mercurial Brotherhood and the Knights Imperial). The second Battle of the Line occurs as many young Chevaliers are killed by Redwald the Black and colonies fall to the Voidkin offensive. When new technologies result in the newly updated Gawain model which turns the tide against the Eoten scourge.

Yet, the grandeur of Empress Gwyn would soon fade as while traveling in a mass convoy her ship was beset upon by newly created Deathscuan warships. The woman is able to launch her Chevalier and like her father dies fighting beside her Squire, Rhiannon in combat.


The Rule of Blodwen

Gwyn oc Artur’s daughter, Blodwen, moves to cement her power and is thwarted by the central powers of the Throne-held Houses. She is imprisoned on Elys and a regency is set up to rule in her name. Thus began the Throne Cabal, a corrupted, attempt by the core system Nobility to undo the reforms of the Artur Dynasty. Her time in prison would last extensive as she takes time to read thousands of pages of philosophical debate including the Sector Papers to understand the status of her people. With that in mind she begins to pen and finish her mother’s grand reform (the basis of which will become the Great Covenant).

By 3,670 SF the imprisonment of Blodwen oc Artur is starting to cause friction in the ruling Cabal. The woman is capable of contacting her father’s family of House Durant. Her relatives inform her of the renewed Voidkin offensive as she begins to gather several young Chevalier Pilots loyal to her causes. Upset spreads in the Sénann as many start to question the right of rule of the Throne Cabal. Meanwhile the Deathscuan attacks prove more and more fatal as the resurgence of Voidkin raids becomes ever increasing.

Blodwen frees herself with assistance with allied Houses in concert with a newly organized loyal wing of Chevaliers. She is then gifted a new mech by the great smiths of Excalibur and unleashes her forces against the Throne Cabal. The Crown Contention (as it comes to be called) occurs as the forces loyal to the Artur Dynasty. Throne Cabalist forces are only able to hold out for a few months until Blodwen takes the throne and is anointed the Empress of Avalon. A year later in 3,672 SF she unveils her grand set of reforms in the infamous, Caímdáth-t’Ortaor, the Society’s Order. The cornerstone of the reorganization of Avalonic Society under the Great Covenant.

The Errant Class is officiated as the Fiefs of entire Houses are reordered. Life in the Triad however normalizes as an heir is born via “Cyberwomb” to Blodwen and her wife, Francia LeFaye.


The Tragedy of Llewyn

Llewyn oc Artur was the spitting image of Trystan, his great-grandfather. A powerfl man with a laughter that would bring a smile to all. And yet, Llewyn would be perhaps the reason that House Artur would fall so hard in the years to come. Llewyn would grew up in a life of luxury and martial discipline. When he became old enough he and is mother would lead the grand North Reconquest of the Reaches. Even as he cleaved enemy Eoten in twain, his opponents simply replied “Se cyning is coming!” The King, is coming! Whatever that meant Llewyn would push harder as enemy forces Swarm the edges of Sentinel in the Battle of the Outer Rim. Borders of the Marcher Houses are scouted as Llewyn lies with a near cousins after she catches his eye.

The foundation of the Errant Class requires increased Soulgiven population and results in the mass recreation of the Homunculi Model. A guild is founded to back the new industry as the creators of Soulgiven start to call themselves Meisters. Meanwhile many in the Triad question the ongoing Voidkin conflict as a peace envoy appears. Agents of the Spiderkin spread lies and the Cult of the Spider as once again Civil War appears on the horizon in the reign of the House of Artur. Scandal is pushed further as Modraut a bastard son of Llewyn is unveiled by the LeFaye consort (who turns out to be his half-sister Igraine).

As the Empress abdicates for reasons of sickness her son takes to the throne in a time of tumult (which is a constant in the Triad). His House is losing political favor, and his own actions have removed many key allies from supporting him. Llewyn sees only glory as a means of returning his family to the greatness it once held under Trystan and Gwyn. Thus the Emperor renews the Northern Campaigns as a strange illness related to that of the former Empress seems to be spreading (fear increase of another possible Silver Plague).  As the Campaign continues many Chevaliers are lost to the onslaught of Redwald the Black and a newly named invididual, The Void King.

Finally after periods of waiting a massive Voidkin forces led personally by the Void-King and a now turned Mordraut oc Artur assault the Imperial forces. The Battle of Camlon culminates in the death of both the Void-King and Emperor Llewyn in single combat. Llewyn’s death quickly passes to the Triad where forces of House Athenes assault the convoy of the Empress. Soon the Artur line is nearly decimated as the Noble families rebel en masse. Even with the Great Covenant still in place the Third Imperial Era comes crashing down as the Legacy of Gwyn and her family remakes the Triad for all Eras to come.