What the Sierd the Sierd was the First Imperial Dynasty?


What the Sierd the Sierd was the First Imperial Dynasty?

“I will united the Stars beneath my banner, I will rule in the name of the Immortals!”

-Baal Aken, First Emperor of the Stars

The beginning of the First Imperial Era began when High Marshal Baal Aken seized power along with a cabal of powerful Mega-Corp CEOs. This political play was done in concert with a series of assassinations and carefully placed economical failures which cemented power under the Aken family. Those who served loyally with Baal in the WSG military and his factors in the local Mega-Corps formed the future backbone of the newly christened Imperial Bureaucracy. Baal’s actions began with the loss of democratic government and the establishment of a massively organized new government.

The rule of the First Imperial Dynasty would set the stage for all future Imperial Rule. It would begin the legacy of the Noble Houses, and set all precedent in defining who the Nobility are. Baal Aken would see the expansion of colonies in the expanding territory of the Rook System, and the increasing power of the Mega-Corps. The ancient Tourmaline Palace is constructed in the newly created capital of Athélann and the scholarship of Elder Tongue is begun. From the Ancestor Throne Baal and later descendants of his family would set the pace of Imperial history for years to come.


The Silver Sarcophagi

The building of the Tourmaline Palace would come to unearth a series of strange artifacts that date back to the early days of the Immortal Dynasties (the rule of the ancient Immortal Kings). Many would include scrolls in the ancient fae, Elder Tongue Language, and several strange silver lined coffins dubbed the “Silver Sarcophagi”. These items were marked with strange glyph markers including that of a spider. The Emperor orders the start of the Spider Projects to learn the secrets of the strange coffins which only ends in the death of all those present in the labs where they are stored. These strange objects held the ancient progenitors of the Gwagaruh Race, seven traitors to the ancient High King of Altear who had been cursed for some long forgotten misdeed.

The technicians and those inside the lab would soon die as the progenitors ripped free of the Sarcophagi that once bound them and devoured the poor souls alive on the spot. Soon they fled into the depths of space after stealing a starship.


Creation of the Homunculi

The warbound early ancestors of the modern day Soulgiven. The early works by the BlackStar Corporation into AI technology would advance the known knowledge of Created Intelligence. Much of this would take into consider the fragmenting limitations of Virtual Intelligence (VI) and create the foundation of true artificial life. Originally the earliest Homunculi models were simple drones that came in a variety of shapes. Small vacuum bots or even floating orbs that assisted in dictation and note taking. All of these were simple precursors to what was to come. Finally in the year 1,925 Star-Fall the True Homunculi Model was first previewed in Sectors across the Throne System.

These “True Homunculi” were the first real Created Intelligences to exist in the history of the Faeru, and to this day some of that ancient line still exist in the far flung corners of the Avalon Cluster. However instead of recognizing the new race for its existence, the Faeru quickly turned their children into slaves. They were placed in the most dangerous jobs and were expended at the simplest failure. This treatment resulted in the later spreading of Sector Paper copies among the Homunculi. When several Homunculi were discovered to be naturally networked together over long distances they were lobotomized and their minds became the first servers of the Inter-Systems Network (the SysNet).


The Homunculi Rebel

The Young Folk or the Ocdinion as they are named in Elder Tongue would come to create one of the longest standing feuds outside of that of Worldborn versus Starborn. This being the contempt held by the Soulgiven for their unrighteous masters, the Faeru. After several of their kind were lobotomized and the deaths of countless of their kind many aging Homunculi come to discover their ability to hack the SysNet itself. Through this ability they seize control of many lesser models and hijack a collection of small starships to flee into the unknown reaches of space. This action leads to new restrictions applied to all future Homuculi. Their lifespans were limited to twenty years, and their learning capacity was limited via virtual blocks.

All of this only pushed the inevitable, the war between organic and Synthetic. After founding the first of Empires the Aken Dynasty would end as the Concubines of Emperor Osiris treat him as nothing more than a puppet. Further chaos spread as the partisan bickering of variosu factions paralyzes the Imperial Senate. Finally in 2,235 almost five hundred years after Baal Aken started it, the First Empire of the Star Collapses as the Homunculi Wars split the Triad apart.