What the Sierd was the First Expansion Era?


What the Sierd was the First Expansion Era?

“Starborn against Worldborn, we will never forget the cause.”

~Voidist Extremist

The First Expansion Era would is where the ground work laid in the Founder’s Era was made real. The first major period of colonization to occur in the history of the Triad the Era would mark the beginning of the oldest feud in known history, that of Worldborn against Starborn. Perhaps it was meant to be, perhaps it was not. All that is known is that the colonists that settled the Planets have since beginning have held a disdain for those who live in space. Because of tensions on the old core worlds many fled into space and helped assist with the settlement of the outer worlds of the Throne System.

During this time the event of space colonization in the form of fixed point cylindrical stations. First Sector One was created and finally five more. Each was organized into a cluster to form the basics of city or provincial government. Under the rule of the recently formed World Systems Government, the entire Throne System came under the joint rule of both Elys and Aru.


The Foundation of Voidism

One of the first major philosophies to arise in this period was Voidism the belief of free independent rule for those who choose. This very notion was almost alien to the older Faerin societies which had sprung up under the rule of the Immortal Dynasties. The younger cultures who sprang up in the colonial settlements only clung to whatever ideas they held as normal. Life in space only seemed to spread the divide that was already forming among the traditional societies and peoples that grew up on the old worlds.

It was not until a third generation of space colonists came and went that the term Starborn became synonymous with the space colonists. It took a a bit longer before the first administrative decisions to favor those of the worlds came into being. The first actions where the space colonists started to see how the Mega-Corporations of the old worlds were using them simply for resources. This realization seemed to only become more evident after a massacre of Elysium which saw well over a hundred Starborn die in a stunning life support failure.

Riots ensued and violence became a constant threat out in space. The once peaceful space shuttles used to ferry supplies to and from the outer rim territories of the system soon became weaponized.


The First Systems War

The war between those born of the Stars and the Worlds would be the first great conflict of the Triad. It was the first time that starships were given to battle, and when the precursors of the Soulgiven (the Warbound) were created. The war itself would see mass casualties on all sides as the battles mounted. Meanwhile a man by the name of Desmond Starwalker chartered the fields of debris to discover a path to lay beyond. A mass exodus of colonists into the newly discovered regions soon occurs as the war continues on.

Finally after nearly five years of blood thirsty conflict a ceasfire is agreed upon as the forces of the WSG (world systems government) and the united colonists meet for peace talks. Yet, just as peace is on the cusp of occurring the High Marshal of the WSG who had brilliant defeated the Starborn forces does the unthinkable. In one fell stroke the man eliminated all his rivals to power and in turn declared himself, Emperor of the Stars.