Who the Sierd are Genics?


Who the Sierd are Genics?

 Some say the Knights imperial could wield magic, Star-Gods to Honest magic! Lightning, and even the divine light of the holy ones themselves! Then they were gone, and we got them witches, the Genics instead.

-A Commoner on Genics

The power of the mind, and the ability to manipulate the energies of the body are the cornerstone of what many in the Triad call Genics. The actual name itself has stuck since a young girl reportedly caused her abusive father’s head to explode in a backwater town somewhere on the moon of Tatara. The actual abilities linked to Genics include uncontrolled bouts of minor telekinesis (causing objects to move randomly, or items to bend); episodes of emotional disturbance which bleed out and effect others nearby; or telepathic moments which may cause bystanders nearby to black out. The power of genetics is terrible and limited in this fashion.

Before the existence of the Genic Accords few would understand the mysterious powers of the manipulation of Proto-Synergetic Induction energy known simply as Psi. At its core the ability to manipulate Psi is the ability to manipulate the very energies and powers of the mind itself. However like most unwanted mutations, the Genic Gene does not unlock awesome power as much as it unlocks a diseased cursed. Genics although proporting to be stronger, and physically more reactive than others are often plagued by notions of grandeur, auditory hallucinations, and minds unstable to the world around them.

Their very nature as “Witches” in the Triad has often branded those who carry the Genic gene.


Magic in a Magicless World

The Faeru were naturally inclined once to wield the magics that were native to their ancient homeworld of Altear. However, ocne they arrived in the Avalon Cluster they quickly discover a loss of this ability. Many consider the emergence of Genic mutations as a response to the lack of magic in the Avalon Cluster. This “Space Magic” many assume was result from the Faerin biologies rapid adaptation to life in space, and the strange materials being discovered in the Border March. The fact remains, that somehow, and somewhere the Genic gene popped up in a world without magic.

The new powers manifested by Genics came to be known as Psionics or “Psi” for short (an actual term meaning Proto-Synergetic Induction). A new form of “magic” that came erupting out of the common man, and soon overtook the Lords of the Stars. However, these powers are only available to a small random portion of the population. What causes the Gene is unknown (there are theories abound), but those who carry it are often seen as a mixture of pariah and tool. With the power of Psionics Houses can field mecha, and warriors in battle that can easily undo the powers of technology. This limited resource of living beings is only made more crucial with the fraction of the population they make up.

Perhaps one in ten-thousand will be born with the Genic gene. More can follow if careful breeding, and consideration are taken into consideration.


A History of Complications

Genics were not always accepted and in many areas across the Avalon Cluster they are still considered aberrants to the general population. It was this fear of abnormality that drove the creation of the Court of Imperial Inquiry that would capture hundreds if not thousands of Genics in its history. It was fear that drove the evolution of Psionic technology and birthed the modern invention of Techno-Energetic Kinesis technology. It was through Project Deep Mind that the Empire birthed the super soldier known as the Knights Imperial.  Through experimentation the grandeur of the modern Errant class was born, but like many things throughout the Land in the Stars.

Feature image by Fredaugis.